Venus, Jupiter resemble start of Bethlehem

by admin on June 30, 2015

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Planets GetAttachmentI read about how planets Venus and Jupiter were going to be so close to each other and walked out of my apartment, and there they were, shining real bright.

The two planets were just a third of a degree apart from the United States and to the naked eye, may resemble a double star. Others say it they resemble the Star of Bethlehem, where in B.C. 3 or 2, there was a very similar deal with two stars guiding those looking for direction.

Despite the fact they look like they’re extremely close together to the naked eye, they’re actually not. Venus is 58 million miles from earth while Jupiter is 565 million miles away. Jupiter is significantly larger but because it’s further away, the two like to be real close in size. In fact, Jupiter actually looks smaller.

The two stars were visible in the western skies and definitely made for am impressive sight. Over the past month, around the beginning of June, the two planets steadily moved closer and closer to one another. Some have speculated that after the first of July, two planets gradually separate but regardless, should provide a nice view in the night sky, starting about an hour or two after sunset.



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