Southern Utilities, for The Last Time

by admin on August 24, 2015

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This is an article I’ve been dreaming of writing for over ten years. Regular readers may know of my complete distain for the company named Sothern Utilities. A quick search of the name with “Smith County, East Texas” will bring a hail of negative reviews and not a single positive one. SU has successfully united the region at its own behest. The company’s complete dismissiveness of its customer’s concerns combined with its generally unfriendly staff and complete lack of technological competence has made them tired refrain for local citizens.

So why have I so looked forward to writing this piece? Because I can finally say I’m leaving the company thanks to a move to Lindale. Short of some unforeseen circumstance, this will be my last article about my old nemesis. So to any employees of Southern Utilities out there who may be trolling for public opinions, (like that ever happens!), think of this as my exit interview. I will no longer have to contend with their backwards billing system, or their grouchy staff. I will no longer have to pay with cash or check. I will no longer have to deal with a clearly over paid (whatever they’re making) public relations office, such as it is. I’ll no longer have to deal with a water company that completely takes its customers for granted.

Good bye Southern utilities! I’ll always regret the time we had together! I shan’t miss you… not at all. I promise to think of you as little as possible. You’re a terrible, terrible company and I never ever loved you! To those still stuck it the companies clutches, let me offer my deepest condolences. And if I can offer a word of advice: Get out! Get out asap, even if you have to move! You’ll be relieved that you did!

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