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Christian Heritage School has been a Tyler Texas institution for thirty five years. And while its community profile has risen and fallen over the years, it has exhibited tremendous resilience in lean times as well as prosperous ones. While the school’s enrollment is small it’s generally steady and the tuition is among the more affordable private schools in town.

The CHS educational model is a classical “Principle Approach” which places faith and reason, together at the center of all academic disciplines. CHS places a heavy emphasis on classic Anglo- American literature and law. As such, students develop tremendous critical reasoning skills as well as excellence in writing and communication. The school encourages the student to examine original writings first and seeks to appeal to and to reassert the best parts of America’s founding characteristics, both individually and nationally.
So what does this mean to the student in the classroom? The small student body (typically around one hundred to one hundred twenty) does tend to allow for small class sizes (generally around ten to fifteen students) and more individual attention. And the teachers are central to the CHS classroom. The Christian Heritage educator is expected to be the master of his or her subject. The small class size creates strong mentor- student relationships, a reason why CHS places a premium on teachers with a strong sense of faith. The result is a classroom that is not child centered, but subject centered and based in Scripture.

Christian Heritage School offers a tremendous education for the cost. What the school currently lacks in extra- curriculars it makes up for in challenging academics. The student body is made up of local residents as well as foreign exchange students and students whose parents are receiving missionary training. But with that said it is emphatically an established part of the local community, a fact the staff is increasingly trying to emphasize.

Christian Heritage School is located at 961 County Rd 1143, Tyler, TX 75704. For more information visit the schools web page at .

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