I’m Just Going to Say It… I Hate the Burger King King

by admin on November 27, 2015

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I hate the Burger King, king. You know, that weird semi- human automaton pitchman. What is it about that deranged, fixed, plastic face that seems to suggest that he has lost a puppy, and would like me to drive around the block with him in his windowless van to help him look for it?

In the burger giant’s latest ad entitled “the Debate,” the grotesque android engages with some nondescript politician, about the price of its chicken nuggets I guess, (which by the way, the chain should be giving away. I mean really… if I wanted some kind of microwavable chicken whatevers, I’ll get them in the frozen foods department at my local grocery store. But I digress). The commercial is so nonsensical that analysis is probably a criminal waste of time. Basically the cardboard cut- out of a politician is left speechless at the price of Burger King’s meals and the audience at home is left in need of anger management.

I presume that the advertising department at BK has taken a page from that of Jack- in- the Box. Both companies have inhuman characters assuming somewhat human attributes while the surrounding characters fail to notice the mascot’s weirdness. Essentially the corporations are using the old ploy that being memorable is more important than good sense. And Burger King in particular has decided that the more foolish and annoying their ads are, the more customers will remember and respond to their ads. The tactic has been moderately successful for Jack- in- the Box, who has managed to inject a modicum of humor as opposed to straight stupidity.

I hope customers will avail themselves of other options when choosing a burger joint. While I’m no fan of clowns either, I’ll take them over creepy plastic kings and insulting commercials any day of the week.

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