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by admin on September 2, 2009

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I have lived in Tyler off and on for a lot of years. I’ve been eating at Taqueria El Lugar for much of that time. The original Gentry location was the only store when I first tasted the super quesadillas but they taste the same today as they did back then. I have always been amazed at the incredibly diverse group of people I find there. Tylerites of absolutely all strips can be found in this local landmark which goes to prove the point that quality knows no favoritism.

El Lugar is a classic East Texas success story. All the locations are family owned and operated. After spending years in the same location the business has exploded into five, (yes count ‘em five), different stores around the Tyler area. And their fame has spread far beyond even our great State. I know, because on numerous occasions I have taken out of state guests for an authentic Mexican food experience. I recall once while living in St Paul Minnesota, I returned home for a teacher’s conference. While in Tyler I introduced my administrator to the favorite restaurant of my youth. We returned to El Lugar the following day, even going so far as to postpone our return trip to the mid west in order to have one last number seven.

Since I’ve moved home the restaurant has expanded again and again. The prices are slightly higher than they were when I moved away, but at three eighty nine a piece, the quesadillas are still so worth it! While the atmosphere is admittedly nothing to write home about, the quality of the food more than makes up for it. There is also the take out option, however if you exercise it I suggest calling ahead. So even though I realize I give the following advice a lot, I’ll say it again. The next time you have guests don’t take them to the local chain. Let them experience genuine East Texas food at its best. Neither you nor your guests will regret it. Try any of the five El Lugar locations in Tyler.

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