Andy’s in Tyler TX

by admin on September 11, 2016

in Tyler Businesses

I should probably have come clean about this earlier, but I while my son was attending a birthday party at “ijump,” in Tyler this past weekend, my wife and I blew our self- imposed dietary restrictions in a big way. Under the guise of running errands (and we did actually run some) we visited what has become summer staple in this town. Andy’s frozen Custard. It’s kind of a point of interest to me that the local ice creamery has so far surpassed other similar businesses like Dairy Queen and Braums.

The Andy’s concrete (roughly compatible with the blizzard, but infinitely better) includes seasonal classics like the Key Lime Pie, which is what brought my wife and I out last week. Short of experiencing actual Italian gelato, in Italy, the Key Lime Pie concrete is about the best frozen dessert there is. On a hot day in late summer it’s an amazing experience. Readers are encouraged to avail themselves of the novelty before it vanishes for another year.

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