Five T.V. Shows I Wish Would Go Away & Why

by admin on March 29, 2017

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I’ve always been one of the few people I knew in my community or social circle to whole heartedly profess and embrace the fact that I love Television… a lot. I used to throw that confession out in the middle of serious discussions of how the medium was ruining society. The admission was always greeted with much the same surprise that would have greeted me had I pulled the pin from a live grenade. The reactions always brought me a certain wicked pleasure. I know, I need professional help…

It’s interesting to watch on-line mediums usurp the traditional networks, which is another fact that makes me giggle. Apart from news and sports, I’m finding that I stream Netflix and Amazon Prime programing about as much as I watch via Direct TV. And for the most part the increased programing has made way for some really creative new shows. Of course, it’s also had the effect of making the networks more desperate and willing to try some pretty lame stuff too. For instance, take any of the sitcoms on network television. I swear they’re still using the same old formula that gave us the likes of “Three’s Company” and “Step by Step.” And while I could go on for quite some time about the ones that annoy me, I thought I’d pick five programs in particular I wish would go away and why.

Number one: “Super Girl.” Because it’s stupid. (I know, what a well- reasoned argument. Well that’s how I feel).

Number two: “Survivor.” Because enough already.

Number three: “Lucifer.” Ok so I’m a fairly cynical cat sometimes, much to my wife’s chagrin I might add. But even I’m more than a little uncomfortable promoting the further loss of moral clarity by producing a show in which Satan is portrayed as a slick, sexy and ultimately benevolent protagonist who really just wants to have fun. The devil couldn’t have done better himself… or maybe he just did. And by the way, the writing on this show stinks to high heaven. That stuff basically writes itself.

Number four: “Designated Survivor.” Now I know the character is not actually Jack Bauer but this show has ruined the other for me. I can’t describe the disappointment I felt when expecting President Bauer, I got an amalgamation of presidents Carter and Obama! The Basic premise is this: Imagine how much better the world and the country would be if the 911 attacks had happened under a liberal president. I watched maybe three episodes and felt like I was sitting through a Democratic party promotional video. Not only was it boring beyond belief, it was contrived, stereotypical and preachy. I really can’t believe anyone’s still watching this piece of… art.

Number five: “60 Days in: Atlanta.” This show is absolutely bereft of meaning or lessons. Of course, the premise is that ordinary citizens spend 60 days locked up in prison and what…? Are made better human beings? No I can’t imagine… Learn how much the prison population has sacrificed for the good of their countrymen and fellow humanity? No… no that can’t be it. Transform their lives for the better?

My wife and I were amazed by the recent history channel series entitled The Selection, in which common citizens participated in U.S. Special Operations training merely so they could experience a small taste of what our soldiers go through to defend our society. The participants drove themselves to the brink of mental and physical exhaustion, and all of them said it was because they wanted to improve themselves in some way. “60 Days” can offer no such lesson. It’s merely human depravity and bestial behavior on display. You can do better A & E, and so can I.

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