Netflix Welcomes Back Mystery Science Theater 3000

by admin on April 15, 2017

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It’s a somewhat embarrassing admission to say that what started as a cheap, Local, cable television show, ended up having an actual impact on my character. It helped to mold my snarky, sarcastic and at times overly analytical sense of humor. Of course, the show I’m referring to is Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Growing up, my brothers and our friends spent many a pointless hour watching the cast of this cultural classic keep up a running socio- commentary on terrible movies. And we watched so many of them so many times that even today, in our casual conversation, wise listeners could probably detect any number vailed references to classics like “Time of the Apes,” “The Pod People,” or ‘I Accuse My Parents.” But watching all these old movies had a quite unanticipated effect. It gave us something of an education on old films we would have never ever seen otherwise. And despite the fact it’s been a lot of years since the original series aired, the comedy has held up really, well.

In 1999 MST3K was cancelled for what seemed like the final time. But on the 14th, of April Netflix released the first fourteen- episode season of a series reboot. Of course the concept and general tempo of the show remain the same, the central characters are new and the commentary is contemporary. After all, since the show last premiered, we’re on our third president and we carry phones around in our pockets.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m watching episode two as I type this and this is as far as I’ve watched. Admittedly the first one opened feeling a bit forced but it picked up quickly, and very soon it was all very familiar with the added benefit of more relevant humor.

The new venue of online streamed media has really made room for a lot of creative writing and programing that doesn’t fit the carefully molded network and cable channels. It’s good to see another generation discovering the sarcastic cultural riffing of this classic series. Thanks Netflix, for taking a chance on one of our old favs. You wouldn’t be sorry.

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