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by admin on April 29, 2017

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A couple of weeks back I published an article entitled: “Selling My Home, Woods Real Estate Group in Tyler TX.” The article was both an endorsement of our realtor and an attempt to spread the word about our house. And although the article did attract some interest, we have yet to sell the home.

The home in question was built in 1954, and is about 1200 square feet, three bedrooms one large bathroom which connects to the master bedroom. It has a built in one car garage and sits on a half- acre of land. Original hardwood floors run through the living room and all three bedrooms. The kitchen and the bathroom currently have laminated flooring and are somewhat dated. The house is something of a project house. As a teacher at a private religious school I often found it financially difficult to make all the necessary repairs. Often, I would either find a “do it yourself” method of repair or I would pay a friend with know- how and a little time to help with stop gap fixes.

All this being said, it’s a really great little starter home with a lot of potential and admittedly a certain sentimentality attached to it. But at this point my family and I are looking at the prospect of two mortgages and an empty home. So, we really need to sell this one.

Any interested readers should contact Martin Marroquin and Wood Real Estate Group or (903) 445-4558. Also check out our Zillow posting at https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/9932-County-Road-1125-Tyler-TX-75709/52286566_zpid/ . A note about Martin Marroquin and Woods group: This a small but local realty with some hard- working agents. Readers interested in individual representation at reasonable rates should consider this small business.

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