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by admin on May 28, 2017

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It’s strange to think it was exactly a year ago already that I was writing a review of the hotel I am revisiting even as I write my second review. And while my last post was mostly positive, what a difference a year makes!
My time at the hotel is a bit shorter this year, and honestly, I haven’t been here very long, so perhaps I should wait until I get home and the entire experience in in my rear- view mirror to post this. But the event has not been as good this year as last. In all honesty, I really should temper my criticism in the fact the hotel is undergoing a remodel on the inside that’s big enough to effect many of its services.

First off, they got our room wrong… twice. We are attending a seminar for my wife’s work. Originally, we were scheduled to arrive Friday night. But when, our plans changed and we decided we had to come in a day late, our room was given away despite assurances to the contrary. And when my wife stipulated an extra bed for our son, we were given one bed after being told it would not be a problem. Add to this things like amenities that didn’t work well (i.e. spotty TV and WIFI as well as poor AC in the lobby area), and staff that seemed over worked or generally unsure of themselves, well something was lost in the overall experience.

Now obviously, none of this is hardship beyond my ability to cope. I’m still a functioning adult without any kind of lasting effects. And of course, the fact of the remodel should be taken into consideration. And I’m sure that when everything is complete the difference will make up for the short- term inconvenience… but not for this trip. And I can’t shake this sense that the hotel could do a better job making it up to the customer, even in the little things like getting my room right the first time or providing television service that doesn’t look like I’m watching moon landing footage from 1969.

I wouldn’t necessarily advise potential clients to look elsewhere for accommodations in the Dallas area, but look elsewhere. At least until the renovations are complete. I still like the Embassy Suites but I hope for a better experience next time around. To compare my stays, check out last year’s post at http://www.tylertxdirectory.com/49263/embassy-suites-in-dallas-tx/ .

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