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by admin on September 13, 2010

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Claire’s has been in the Broadway Square Mall for a long time. When you raise two extremely girlie girls that love dressing up, Claire’s is a frequent stop while shopping at the mall. My girls’ faces light up when they see the corner of fairy and princess accessories.

I can get all my kids’ dress up needs here at Claire’s. The walls are lined with tutus, princess crown, colorful jewelry, hair bows, and fairy wings. With Halloween just around the corner you can dress you kids up with the fun, colorful accessories.

Claire’s does not only have stuff for toddler girls, but for women of all ages. They have the newest styles and accessories. Claire’s has had sales pretty much every time I have gone into the store. Many times they have earrings for “buy one get one half off”. The store has all different style of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. You can get all different jewelry for a great price. Some of my favorite things in the store are the selections of bags, scarves, and hair accessories. They have all accessories to top off all of your outfits for every season of the year.

When I was really young I got my ears pierced at Claire’s, and I recently took my daughter to get her ears pierced there too. They pretty much do the same thing that they did when I got mine done. They sat her in a car and let her hug a teddy bear. A lady marked her ears with a purple marker just to make sure that they keep the earrings even with each other. I sat her on my lap just to make sure she did not jerk and to make sure that the lady did not miss the mark that she made. After the lady pierced my daughter’s ear, my daughter started crying, but the lady was fast at getting the second ear pierced even though she had to “re-load”. As the lady was doing the second ear, my daughter jerked, but the lady still pierced it on the right spot. After it was done my daughter was still crying so the lady helped calm her down by showing her how beautiful her ears were and by giving her a lollipop. Candy always helps kids be happy. The only thing that I had to pay for to get her ears pierced was the actual earrings. The piercing was free and it came with a solution that you have to clean the ear with three times a day.

Claire’s is a great place to shop for all your make up, and jewelry needs for a low cost. And it is a great place to shop for all little girls love for finger nail polish, princesses, jewelry, and dress up.

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