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Baby Noah at Childbirth Services

Childbirth Services, midwifery in Tyler TX
My wife and I decided on midwifery this go around although our first baby was hospital born.

Neither me nor my wife are anti hospital but at the same time we did notice how pushy the hospital was to get my wife on inducing drugs and even the epidural.

My wife didn’t want any of these things going into the pregnancy but while in pain those things seem much more tempting.

The doctors and nurses try very hard to get you to say yes to these inducing procedures but we were able to fend off everything but one drug.

We still came away with a pleasant hospital experience but my wife was now decided that our next baby would be born using a midwife.

We visited with a midwife company in Tyler Texas and spoke with Thalia at Child Birth Services.

Thalia was extremely knowledgeable, kind, and confident. We are happy we found Thalia and have several friends and family that have used her. The midwifery business is booming in Tyler and Thalia only takes on so many clients at a time so we were happy she could fit us in.

Surprisingly the conventional hospital systems attitudes towards midwifes in Tyler is considered hostile. Even though all developed countries in Europe primarily use midwifes it is considered by many in the US to be unsafe and risky to mother and baby.

The facts are much different in that babies actually have a much higher survival rate through midwifery than through the US hospital system. This claim is backed up by the World Health Organization.

You can learn even more about this often debated medical and birthing topic by watching the documentary available on Netflix entitled: “The business of giving birth”

Here is another really good story from someone who has used Childbirth Services

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