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by admin on December 8, 2009

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After having been so disappointed by the Tyler Public Library and vowing never to return, I was stuck in a quandry: How do I relive the joy of childhood library visits and impart an enthusiasm for literacy in my own young preschoolers when I dread the thought of returning to the library? (Trumpets blare. The hero has arrived.) Another mom passed on a secret source for hours of golden literary adventures: The Green Acres Baptist Church’s (GABC) library. What? They have a library? I knew about the bowling alley, the Early Education Center, the roller coaster, (What? It doesn’t actually include an amusement park?) but I wouldn’t have thought to look for a library.

This little library is tucked away by door #1 in the Worship Center and includes a nice gift shop. As you walk in, you’ll see on one side, a smaller version of the Scroll Christian bookstore, and on the other, a modest, well-organized library of literary gems, DVDs, and audiobooks/dramas for young and old and in between. You may not find every resource you might need for a research paper, but they pack quite a bit in this small space.

The biggest relief for me as a mother, was that there was nothing I had to steer the kids away from (no Goosebumps, no No David) and very few Disney reworks. Everything we encountered was uplifting and positive if not blatantly Christian. As well as providing hours of quality read-aloud snuggle time, these books were an excellent springboard for discussions on handling difficult situations, our values, theology, Christian character, and all kinds of educational themes.

The staff at the Green Acres Baptist Church Library was always very friendly and helpful. I felt comfortable hanging out to read a few books with my two preschoolers and infant in tow. Because of the small size, I could even look for an inspiring craft book and woman’s devotional for myself just a few rows over while my kids perused their selections at a small table nearby.

If you’ve read my earlier review of the Tyler Public Library, you will undoubtedly figure out that part of what thrills me about this library is that it’s free!!! Whether you live in Tyler TX, or in a different county altogether, you will not have to purchase a rental punch card here. All I had to do to receive a card was fill out a little information paper, and I received three cards, one regular card, and two smaller ones to place on our key rings. How convenient!

Don’t forget there’s a great little bookstore in there too! It’s a convenient place to pick up a gift, or try (in the library) before you buy to find out whether your child will enjoy a video, audio, or book series before you make the investment!

After a year of going to the library almost every week, we had not yet exhausted the GABC Library’s selections, and the kids were still just as excited to head to the Library (snow, sleet, or hail)!

So, if you, like me have been disappointed by the Tyler Public Library, or you just want a more welcoming, less overwhelming space to let your kids’ nurture their love of books and explore positive, fun, life-shaping materials, I recommend that you check out the Green Acres Baptist Church Library.

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