Tyler Texas is the Rose Capital of the World

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Tyler Texas, The Rose Capital

Tyler TX, The Rose Capital

Is The Rose Capital Of The World All Hype?

Have you ever wondered why people call Tyler TX the Rose Capital of the World? Is this hype or is there some truth to the statement? It actually is the truth, Tyler was the first city to commercialize the sell of roses. Tyler invented the rose selling industry and now you hear about flowers.com all the time on radio shows like Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, and Glen Beck. Tyler TX is a pretty unique little city and is known for inventing a lot of neat little ideas and products. Did you know someone from Tyler TX was also responsible for inventing the adopt a highway program. This program is now a very popular highway clean up system throughout the United States. So let’s learn a little more about Tyler Texas as the Rose Capital of the World.

Tyler Texas Rose Capital History

The sandy soil, year round rain fall and normal weather patterns allowed Tyler to be an ideal place for growing flowers. After the East Texas peach crop disaster most of the nurseries in Tyler began growing roses. Most of the commercial roses being grown in the nation in the 20’s and 30’s were coming from Tyler.

A Prosperous East Texas Town Even During The Depression

The continued prosperity from rose production and the oil boom in the 1930’s allowed Tyler to offer an elaborate Rose festival and parade throughout the depression. While other cities in the nation were in financial catastrophe Tyler TX remained stable economically and people were able to enjoy extra curricular city events like the Rose festival. Tyler has continued to show off it’s proud history in the Rose industry by having a Rose parade and festival year after year.

Commercial Rose Production

At this time it is estimated that about 20% of the roses produced in the United States come from Tyler Texas. One of the landmark areas most Tylerites are familiar with when it comes to Roses is the Brookshires at Broadway and Rice Road. At this corner you can get dollar Roses year round. There is usually a lady with a nursery van and a bucket full of roses. You can stop in at Brookshires, buy some roses for your wife, and maybe drive across the street to Marble Slab Creamery for a little snack.

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