IRenew and Power Balance Bracelet Is a Scam

by admin on September 27, 2010

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In the video below we just try to recreate what really goes on when you are at a fair or something and an IRenew or Power Balance bracelet guy grabs you and does the demonstration. The fact that these guys setup at fairs and carnivals really adds to the whole idea of this IRenew demonstration being nothing more then a cheap carnival trick.

Power Balance Bracelet

Power Balance Bracelet

I personally believe as does my friend Todd that these hologram and magnetic bracelets are scams that supposedly offer the user energy and or balance. The demonstration below is done by one of IRenew’s competitors known as Pure Energy Bands but it is the same balance demonstration that IRenew does. The demonstration didn’t convince me although my friend Luke was kind of amazed.

There is no scientific proof that bracelets like the “I Renew – As Seen on TV” and the Power Balance bracelets offer your body energy or balance but people susceptible to horoscopes, superstitions, and celebrity gossip will buy these things for $20 – $100 a piece even though they are crap and cost $1 to manufacture in China.

Sports celebrities are promoting these bracelets including many NFL players. In fact I have seen some short “As Seen on TV” spots for these bracelets in between NFL football games.

If your going to spend $20 to buy a “balance bracelet” you know is just a placebo why not buy something that can make you $20 every so often and get that voodoo bracelet idea out of your head, grab a copy. It’s like automated cash – Click Here!

Watch a Power Balance bracelet video

Surprisingly or not there are many really stupid people who sit and watch NFL football games and at the same time pick up the phone and order a bracelet that has a hologram that purports to balance your body by adding the needed hertz your body needs to maintain optimal balance.

I have never heard that the body must be at a certain radio frequency to live a balanced life and I don’t think you will see the food and drug administration add that claim to the food pyramid anytime soon.

I Renew Bracelet

I Renew Bracelet

Overall though I find the Power Balance bracelets and the I Renew scams to be extremely funny. Up until seeing TV ad spots selling them I really didn’t think this would take off as the new “ear candle” of our day.

If you want to see how Irenew goes about advertising their product here are some of their best sellers right now.

We recently went to our own East Texas State Fair and there were a couple of power balance type bracelet vendors there. One was selling the “Power Balance” brand and the other bracelet was called, “Pure Energy Bands”. They both claim to do the same thing although Pure Energy says their bracelets has more radio frequencies in it to cleanse the body of all the radio interference to your body from laptops, cell phones and so forth.

Pure Energy Bracelet

Pure Energy Bracelet

We participated in their balance demonstration and caught the whole thing on video tape. I personally think it is a trick where the guy is there to throw you off balance the first time and there for support as you balance on one leg the second time. What can I say I am a big skeptic. The Pure Energy Bands brand claims to be one of the best in the market and they had pictures of NFL players wearing their bracelet similar to Power Balance.

If you have bought the Power Balance bracelet, the I Renew bracelet, Pure Energy Bands, Phiten necklace or a competing or similar bracelet I would like to hear your claims. I am a skeptic but I am willing to listen to your experiences with an open mind.

IRenew Bracelet Demonstration Video

Phiten Scam worn by Texas Rangers

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