Don Juans Restaurant in Tyler Texas

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Don Juan

1313 E. Erwin

Tyler, TX.

(903) 526-0702

My wife and I love Don Juan’s Restaurant. I think we will always love it. First of all we have a lot of history there. Don Juan is where we had our first date which both my wife and I were very careful not to call a date at the time. It was not a date. It was just two friends hanging out. Nervous. In love. Later we had our wedding rehearsal dinner at Don Juan.  And we have had several romantic dinners there since then. We are both big fans of the food and the atmosphere.

Don Juans Mexican Restaurant

Don Juans Mexican Restaurant

The food at Don Juan seems very authentically Mexican. I am not an expert but even the menu is in Spanish for Pete’s sake. That said, they know how to take care of their customers. If you have any trouble with their menu or ordering, the servers at Don Juan will be more than happy to help you understand the menu (the difference between a Flauta and Torta for example) without making you feel stupid.

A lot of people like to start their meal with an appetizer or an apertivo as they say at Don Juan’s. The appetizers at Don Juan include: Besitos for $3.25, Choriqueso, DJ’s Queso, or Guacamole for $3.50, Pico de Gallo for $2.50, Don Juan Nachos or Cocktel de Camaron (shrimp cocktail) for $7.50, Super Quesadilla for $6.99, Cincronisaida for $7.25, Ensalada for $5.99, or Carlos Sampler for $10.99.

I am sure the appetizers are very good at Don Juan’s but I’ve never ordered one. I’ve never needed to. They give you free chips and salsa that are so good you probably won’t feel the need for an appetizer unless you just really want to get some guacamole for your chips. The chips at Don Juan are thick and crispy and perfect. They give you two salsas to dip your chips in – the red and the green (verde). I love both. My wife prefers the verde salsa. Both are spicy so if you can’t handle two much heat you should go ahead and get the guacamole which is also very good.

Their are a lot of entree options to choose from at Don Juan. Their “De Mexico para el Mundo” section of the menu includes: original Mexican tacos ($1.45 each), Enchiladas, Enchiladas Verdes, Enmoladas, Tostadas, Sopes, Flautas, or Chile Relleno for $7.25. You can also get Tortas for $3.25, Pechuga Rellena for $7.90, and Milanesa for $7.99.

Don Juan also has combinations such as the Don Juan, Arturos Tacos, or Juanitos for $8.99, the Silvia’s for $9.99, Carlos Samplar for $10.99, Don Alex for $11.99, and Felipes for $20.99.

The Off the Grill section of Don Juan’s menu has some of my favorite food on the menu. They have Fajitas Para Dos for $16.99, Fajitas for $10.99, Carne Asada or Filete Asado for $7.99, and the Tilapia Asado for $9.99. I got the Fajitas for $10.99 and they were wonderful. I got both chicken and beef fajitas. the meat was really good, nicely seasoned and cooked. It filled me up. I was glad I didn’t order the Fajitas Para Dos (fajitas for two). I ended up taking some fajitas back with me to my hotel as it was. Of course I had to finish them later that evening. Yummy! I think I would like to try the Tilapia Asado some day as I am a fan of Tilapia (and Don Juan). The beans and rice at Don Juan which come with most of the meals are also quite tasty.

The Lo Tejano section of the menu offers Enchiladas Tejanas, Burrito, or Chimichanga for $7.25 and the Sopa  de Tortilla for $4.99. My wife and I are huge fans of Chimichangas when they are done right.

Don Juan also has several specials (especiales) on their menu such as the Lunch Fajitas and Mole Grande for $7.25, the Sopa de Mariscos (grande) for $7.99, Guisado de Puerco and Bistek Ranchero for $5.25, Tortas for $2.50, Caldo De Pollo, Menudo, or Pozole (grande) for $5.99, and Don Juan’s Tacos for $1.00 each.

If you are looking to get something a little lighter than an entree or you want to beef up an entree a little bit you can always order off of Don Juan’s a la cart portion of the menu. The A La Carta options include the Super Quesadilla, the Cincronisada Chica, the Burrito, or the Chimichanga for $4.50. None of these come with rice and beans like the entree options of the same. You can also get an extra enchilada or an extra flauta for $1.99. For $1.45 you can get tortillas, frijoles, arroz, or quesos. Crema is $0.50. And Chips and Salsa to go cost $2.50. A twelve oz. container of salsa to go costs $3.99.

If you are in the mood for breakfasty type food just check out the Desayunos section of the menu. For $5.99 you can get Chilaquiles, Huevos Rancheros, Huevos con Chorizo, Migas, Huevos A La Mexicana or Huevos con Jamon O Tosino. For $1.99 you can get an order of Breakfast Tacos.

Don Juan has several drink options (Bebidas) including soft drinks, Iced tea, orange juice, milk, coffee, and Aquas Frescas. I think the Aquas Frescas are like water and fruit juice such as watermelon and cantaloupe. These have always been far to sweet for my taste wherever I have had them. If you have a real sweet tooth for that kind of thing though you will probably enjoy it.

There are only two desserts at Don Juan. They both cost $3.25. You can choose the cheesecake or the Flan Napolitano. I have never cared much for Mexican desserts. I just think they are far better at making other kinds of food. Dessert isn’t one of their gifts though. Flan is alright and cheesecake is not Mexican so it might be worth a shot. But I was far too satisfied with my fajitas to think about dessert.

I hope Don Juan is around for many more years so I can have a lot more dates with my wife there. Maybe Don Juan will become a special place for you too. Hey, if nothing else you will get some great Mexican food. You can’t complain about that.

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Josie June 15, 2011 at 2:17 am

must have your recipe for sopas – a round 3 to 4 inch bread with guacamole and other things on it – I can only eat one – please! I think this is it – the Sopa de Mariscos (grande)


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