Tyler School Bond Vote

by admin on November 2, 2010

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Tyler Texas School Bond Vote

School Bond Vote Tyler TX

Update: Most of the vote is in for the Tyler school bond with 50.14% voting No! and 49.86% voting Yes

It’s down to only 71 votes at this time. That’s close!

As of 1 hour ago the Tyler Texas school bond was 406 votes behind from passing.

If this trend continues we forecast that the Tyler TX 140 million dollar school bond will not pass this October 2010 election.

The Tyler Texas school bond vote allows that good side of people to come out so they can say they did something, “for the children”.

Who doesn’t like children? I have a 2 year old son and another baby boy on the way. The problem with the Tyler TX school bond is we already had an 80 million school bond voted and approved that was afterwards determined to not be enough in 5 years as schools would once again be over capacity.

So now we have a Tyler school bond over 145 million dollars. When a group of concerned citizens with the Tea Party with no political aspirations for themselves asked some very pertinent questions regarding the school bond they were put off.

The Tyler Texas Tea Party’s questions were continuosly put off and the professional politicians acted on the news as if they did answer the Tea Party’s questions.

This type of political question dodging is why America is voting out the Democrats. American’s want honest politicians in government.

By TISD officials not answering the Grass Roots America We The People Tea Party’s questions and yet saying they have is down right dishonest and is what many local citizens hate so much about politics and politicians.

It is important to point out that Grass Roots America isn’t against the children or new schools they just need TISD to get the school bond right this time. Once they have a solid plan in place and have answered the voters questions it would be appropriate to proceed with the school bond.

Unfortunately voters often hear, “for the children” and vote “Yes” considering it their good deed for the year.

I’m hoping the school bond doesn’t pass simply so the career politicians with the TISD will take voters seriously and no longer think that “for the children” will work on voters.

Why can’t the TISD officials really answer these hard questions from the Tea Party and quit playing politics? What are ya’ll trying to hide?

You are lying in the faces of regular ole’ average Joe voters rather than serving the public and answering unpopular hard questions.

We will find out tonight if the 140 million dollar school bond passes tonight. If so more really nice schools will be built in Tyler but how long until their capacity is reached? Doesn’t it make sense to to do this right the first time?

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