Is this Obama Birth Certificate Real or Fake? It shows him being born in Kenya?

by admin on November 19, 2010

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Update: As of 5-17-2012 Breitbart released a pamphlet produced by Obama’s literary agents in 1991 that says he was born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. This Kenya birth certificate all the sudden has a little more credibility. Read about it here

Obama birth certificate
I wonder if this is a real or fake birth certificate of Obama. It shows him being born in Kenya instead of the US? I thought he was born in Honolulu?

Let’s hope the president has been telling the truth and not lying about his true place of birth as he’s our president and this would be a pretty damming thing to his honor and credibility if he was lying about this.

I am skeptical if this is a real birth certificate but boy wouldn’t this be a hot news story if it really is a true birth certificate from Kenya of none other then Barack Hussein Obama

Well the official long form birth certificate of Obama has now been revealed. Gaze upon this proof of Obama’s natural born citizen document. This document was released to the public April 26 2011 around the timing of a book claiming to prove some damaging things about Obama’s birth.

Obama Long Form Birth Certificate from Hawaii, genuine

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lin January 10, 2011 at 5:55 pm

It's fake. Why would his parents have the same name/middle name ("Obama?") Lol!!


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