HCG Hormone and Celebrities Losing Weight

by admin on January 3, 2011

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In today’s tv, internet, and media fueled society celebrity promotion of a product seems to be a requirement for it to experience success.

Pregnancy Hormone Spokes womanWell HCG diet users, you have yours!  Jersey Shores star, Jenni Farley, who is the character J-WOWW on the show, is one of the first and most enthusiastic promoters of HCG.  Admitting that HCG drops are her preferred way of weight loss, it was later discovered that a girlfriend of Ms. Farley was the one to introduce it to her.

As she states in her site, Jenni explains that “HCG drops are my key to keeping the weight off”.  “J-WOWW”s conviction of HCG being the ideal weight loss solution has motivated her to begin selling the product on her personal website as well as convincing Jersey Shore costar Nicole Polizzi (who plays Snooki in the show) to begin using HCG.

In an interview with AOL’s “That’s Fit” Jenni continues on how HCG has made an impact in her life. “My girlfriend lost 40 pounds in six weeks on the plan. She tried everything and it worked for her. So I thought if it worked for her, it would work for me.

“Although not quite as motivated to promote the product, it has been reported that Britney Spears used the HCG diet as well to get her body ready for her music tour after having her twins. Also rumored to use HCG are celebrities Oprah, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Seth Rogen. So if you look for your credentials from the celebrity world, then there you are!

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