Phiten Bracelet is another healing bracelet technology but does it work?

by admin on January 3, 2011

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phiten balance scamsI walked into my local pharmacy in Lindale Texas the other day to see the notorious Power Balance bracelet for sale on the front counter. They were selling it for $19.95 which is usually the price I see it for at other places.

Right next to it was another bracelet called the Phiten Sporting Bracelet. This one claims some different health benefits such as the ability to enhance circulation and promote relaxation in the arm, wrist and shoulder.

I couldn’t believe a pharmacy was selling this considering I put places like the pharmacies in a scientific category in my mind that isn’t necessarily a business accustomed to selling wacko science products.

For instance I usually see ear candles in wellness and herb type stores but rarely do I see ear candles fro sale in my local pharmacy.

The new Phiten sporting bracelet is 100 % silicone which I don’t understand would be touted as being such a great benefit. If they were to say it was 100% made out of gold I might buy it.

These Phiten bracelets have embedded micro titanium sphere zones in them. What is a micro titanium sphere zone? I don’t know and I am sure that is what Phiten hopes many people will think as well so as to let peoples imaginations run wild and come up with their own scientific explanation.

A fun fact about the Phiten brand bracelets is that some pretty big sports stars use this brand. CJ Wilson with the Texas Rangers wears a Phiten necklace and pitches on a professional MLB pitching mound. And it’s not just him that wears this type of thing. Pretty much all the pitchers wears these necklaces accept for Cliff Lee who has now left the Rangers to play with the Phillies.

The balance bracelet enthusiasts and believers out there that are quick to give testimonials on all the ways the bracelets have healed their bodies as well as go into how the bracelets work in a pseudo science kind of manner.

phiten braceletSo for those who prefer micro titanium balls in their bracelets over hologram stickers here is another bracelet for you.

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