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by admin on January 13, 2011

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So I will take this chance to come clean about something, I ordered the package for “Your Baby Can Read” after watching it advertised on the television. If I had waited for a few months I could have gotten the same package from Wal-Mart for about a third of the price. I felt pretty silly when I walked down the children’s educational aisle and saw the package sitting there with a huge yellow sticker on it that read “AS SEEN ON TV!” The commercial is pretty convincing with “home video” of eight month olds recognizing words such as “clap” and “arms up”, and three year olds reading whole books out loud. As I called to order the package I had sit and listen through a whole spill of how I can get a free cruise (free after you pay for the out of country costs, taxes and have to listen to people talk about buying a time share for a couple hours). After my phone call was passed through half a dozen people I finally was able to order my product. It wasn’t long before the box turned up on my door step. The package included books, movies, and flash cards. After about a year I can not say my kids can read. You are suppose to sit your child in front of the provided movies, on the movies they will display a word, sound out the word, and show what the word is. An example of this is the word “dog” (on the First Step video) the word “DOG” is displayed across the screen and then sounded out “D-O-G” and finally the children are shown a picture of a dog. After you children have sat through the first video enough times, you will then show more difficult videos with harder words. My children did not like these videos. The movies are boring, there is nothing to keep a young child’s interest. Stick subtitles on Dora the Explorer and you kids will focus more on those words. The flashcards somewhat keep my children’s attention, that is if I make it fun enough. Like play matching games, do silly voices, and act out what is on the card. I also really like the books that can with the package. My kids liked to flip the slabs and see what will be under the words. The “Your Baby Can Read” lessons are suppose to start at an early age. They recommend that you start sitting them in front of the movies and showing flash cards at only a couple months old. It was probably the fact that I did not make my children watch the videos that they were not interested in that my children did not really learn anything from the videos. I do not see why it is so important for a three year old to read, I just say kids should be kids, out playing and discovering new things. I do like the books and flash cards and will probably use them as my kids get older and start pre-school, as spelling words. I did not get moneys worth from this product. The way that “Your Baby Can Read” works is just through children memorizing words and not really learning how to sound out the letters and use them properly. I do not think that this is the most effective way to teach little children.

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