Texas Considers Domestic Violence Registry

by admin on January 21, 2011

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Texas Domestic ViolenceI’m not sure what I think of this, but the state of Texas is considering the creation of a “domestic violence registry” similar to the one for sex offenders. It seems so many women repeatedly find themselves in abusive relationships that our state is considering doing the job that has traditionally been done by dads and older brothers for centuries, namely, weeding out undesirable suitors for their female family members. I am a proponent of the sex offender registry. That has been a good tool for parents as well as a source of shame and isolation for the sickies out there who have survived the big house and made parole. But I’m not sure about this one. The bill is being proposed by Texas Democratic Congressman, Trey Martinez Fischer of the 116th district encompassing the San Antonio area.

Let me start by saying unequivocally, that I have never struck nor otherwise abused any of the women in my life. The kind of domestic abuse the law would aim at is not the average day in or day out argument over the remote control or leaving the toilet seat up. It would require anyone convicted of domestic violence three times or more to register with the state. A data base would be kept, and anyone could check the list for the names of potential mates free of charge. The thinking is that it would give women in particular who have been in bad marriages and relationships, a means of ensuring that they are not entering into another dangerous relationship. The concern I have is that I’m not sure I want the government, even the state government, compiling lists of citizens, and what they do wrong for the benefit of other citizens. I’m fine with the sex offender registry, being that, that is a particularly distasteful and dangerous crime largely against children. But where do the registries stop? There is an argument out there that says “hey if you’re not guilty you have nothing to worry about.” This may be true at present, but these things have a way of expanding into more and more areas covering more and more offences. Will there be a registry for drivers who chronically forget to renew their vehicle registration or inspection tags? If so I’d like to know now because it may influence my position!

I’m open to being wrong on this, but in an era where the arm of the national government is over reaching into all areas of the citizens life I find it hard to consider feeding the beast. I realize the proposed law is only state wide, but with unlimited free access we’re airing a lot of people’s dirty laundry. It will be interesting to see what comes of the bill. I look forward to hearing the various arguments so I can come to a more informed decision, but at present I find that I’m very uncomfortable with the new registry.

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