Where Is the Global Warming I Was Promised?

by admin on February 8, 2011

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Tyler Texas SnowWhere is the East Texas Spring I know and Love? The past two winters have been incredibly cool and snowy! In fact one of the reasons I moved home to Tyler Texas from up north years ago, was because I was ready to escape the hostile cold. But the last month here has brought us a couple rounds of snow and ice with potentially more of the same coming in the latter half of this week. You know, a certain former Vice President has made quite a career and a considerable amount of money on the promise of coming global apocalypse due to warming temperatures (or of course global warming). I realize by the way that it’s terribly cynical of me to imply that there might be a financial benefit to convincing people that the world is ending. “Climate change experts,” will try to claim that global warming is responsible for both the cold and miserable winters and the hot and humid summers we’re experiencing. To which I respond emphatically No! You don’t get to claim both extremes as evidence for one of them! As far as I can see the trend seems toward climate cooling rather than warming. I realize come August it may be easier to concede the opposite, but summer heat is a part of the Texas lifestyle, snowy winters (at least on this regular a basis) are not.

The fact is I remember when East Texas could go years and years, without a single snow fall! Local schools were so desirous for time off that they began looking around for excuses to close their doors for a day or two. This winter we’ve had a couple instances just since January of snows closing local schools and businesses. Local weather reports are warning of potential winter storms again early Wednesday morning and continuing off and on through Friday! I guess we might as well make the best of it, because come summer it will be a fond recollection of cooler days gone by!

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TRH February 8, 2011 at 9:14 am

A geologist friend of mine agreed and responded to this article by saying that, "the trend for the past 10,000 years is for cooling. If we start warming thank God because we are headed for an 80,000 year ice box based on the past 500,000 year record."


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