A Wish List of New Businesses and Activities in Tyler TX

by admin on February 10, 2011

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We’ve spent a lot of time and words here at Tyler TX Directory, discussing old and new businesses and cultural goings on, and giving them our thumbs up and or thumbs down. We’ve covered a lot of territory sometime in triplicate and occasionally disagreeing even amongst ourselves. For instance one of our writers once wrote a positive review of Cici’s Pizza, and I on the other hand expressed a preference for Totino’s frozen pizza over that particular establishment. Point being we’ve offered sometimes numerous opinions on a lot of Tyler area businesses. This got me to thinking, what new type of business / activities do we need here? What are the missing pieces in our socio- economic and cultural lives that would make our community more complete? I think we can eliminate Banks, Churches, Schools and Mexicans restaurants right from the start. So here is my personal wish list of new businesses and things to do in Tyler. These are not in any way scientific, and based simply on conversations and personal preferences.

A new water company: If you’ve visited this site before you may know that I’ve written quite critically about Southern Utilities (SU) in the past. I’d say this company has terrible customer service but that would imply they do have it. SU has been able to operate as a completely unapproachable entity, due to a complete lack of area competition. Not to mention their prices are quite high. Customers immediately outside the Tyler city limits simply have no other options. I have no idea how the infrastructure for water supply works but the Tyler area is certainly ripe pickings for any new water utility company. Big- city delivery Chinese food: One thing I really miss about living in a big city is the ability to have nearly any type of food delivered to my front door. To my knowledge the closest thing we have to delivery Chinese food is Peaking, which is a terrific restaurant, but their delivery area doesn’t cover the entire city of Tyler, at any rate they don’t deliver to west, south west side of town. Fewer buffets and more local take- out and delivery would be great for our area I think.

An authentic Indian food restaurant: Far be it from me to suggest another eatery for this town but so long as it’s not another faceless corporate franchise that we have “got to have,” personally I’m open to greater variety. Indian food would be a great new addition to our restaurant repertoire. While I love Pizza and good mom and pop Mexican food, Indian would add a little spice to our culinary lives. As someone who really digs Indian food I would certainly be a regular.

An Imax movie theater:It seems to take about five to ten years or so for the biggest bad-est movie theater in Tyler to get over run by troubled youth and rowdy teens who turn the parking lot into a meeting place for area police. When that happens a newer safer theater is opened and the process begins all over again. So why not try establishing a more upscale theater, that appealed to a greater cross section of people by carrying both entertaining and educational films, in high def of course, a little farther from the city proper, say perhaps off I- 20 somewhere? Area schools would really benefit and it would add a bit more culture to our area.

Minor league Baseball:We’ve tried this twice, and as I understand it, the sticking point has been the same both times. It seems certain groups with certain religious affiliations objected to beer sales at the ball park. The first time around, the team had some real success and brought in good crowds. But when the fun police caught wind of the fact that beer could be purchased (during the 1997 season), protests ensued. Another attempt was made a few years later but baseball in a dry county didn’t equal as much fun or money and the team folded after a single season. Look I’m a practicing Christian but I’m not concerned that the moral health of my community is going to go into a nose dive if folks have a cold beer at a hot summer ball game. But some people seem to have this paranoid mental image of a drunken orgy erupting after hours of binge drinking, and that’s just not reality. I don’t know too many people who go to the ball park with the intention getting hammered, it’s too expensive. The ball park in Arlington sells beer and it’s arguably one of the most family friendly venues in all of sports. There are leagues that have Tyler in mind if we can just work out this one issue. It would certainly be a great draw for our community. Can we all please observe the maxim “all things in moderation,” and just let people be grown- ups?

So there’s my wish list. It was actually a harder list to compile than I expected it would be. I guess if we sit and think about it, there’s not too much that our area lacks. At the end of the day I’d say we’re blessed to live in a city that has a lot to offer and a lot to do. That’s not to say we can’t improve but we’re doing pretty well.

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Sheila A February 10, 2011 at 5:05 pm

There are 2 Indian restaurants now, have you had a chance to try them yet?

I totally agree on the food delivery. Surely this city could support that.


admin February 12, 2011 at 2:45 am

Ya, Todd wrote this article and he must not know about the Indian restaurant over there where Buck's pizza used to be. I hear it is good and plan to try it next week. I think there is another one in the Holiday Inn.


TRH February 12, 2011 at 10:15 am

I did not know about the Indian Restaurants I'll have to give them a try. Thanks for the heads up!


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