Elevation Group is using economic turmoil and worry in the US to get you to buy their stuff

by admin on February 12, 2011

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Elevation Group
As some commodity and hedge funds traders have said the trading markets are a zero sum game. When your investments go down in price someone else is making money while your losing it.

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Elevation Group explains in their video on Drudge Report how you can actually become wealthy while the US and global economy goes down the garbage disposal.

They spend a lot of time explaining that gold and silver commodities will go up much higher in price from where they are at now. That is a bit hard to believe as gold and silver are already very high in price but these guys really believe that.

The face behind this investment strategy is Mike Dillard. He is basically an info product millionaire and made his money selling online marketing courses to small businesses.

He is relatively new at selling info products that teach you how to make money in financial markets but the guy is good on TV and has a convincing argument.

He teaches how countries purposefully devalue their currencies as the US treasury is doing now by printing more money. This is the beginning of the process of what Mike explains is the beginning of a great wealth transfer in the US and around the world.

He compares the history of Rome passing out free wheat to their citizens to food subsidies and food stamps in the U.S.

The food stamp distribution in the US has taken a vertical jump and Mike believes that 1 in 3 Americans will soon be relying on food stamps.

He also explains that 50% of US GDP is government spending on the military and other government programs and salaries.

He goes into the patterns that you see in history. Such as,

  • What do powerful leaders do when they make massive mistakes. Do they fix the problem and help out everyone or do they help themselves and their friends first?
  • What do people in power do with responsibility? Do they accept that they are responsible or pass the buck?
  • Do people in power do what is right for others or what is right for them?

So looking at history he makes the point to ask yourself these questions, what will politicians, lawmakers, traders, and bankers do? Will they sacrifice all the power and money they have, face their problems and fix it to help the rest of the world out?

You guessed it, people in power tend to do everything they can to keep their power and protect the status quo.

So based on this history the Elevation Group makes the point that simply understanding basic human nature that has repeated itself over and over again in history that when economies collapse people in power act the same way they always have.

When the US economy collapses this time there will be no difference than what has happened in previous economies.

Our nature has not changed and so these things can be mapped out.

The way a nation begins to transfer the wealth is in war. Money is printed in unlimited quantities which steals the wealth of its people in order to fund the war.

In the US there is a huge disparity in military spending to the rest of the world.

We are in the final stages of a wealth transfer as people begin to fill the effects of inflation and the smart ones move their money into more stable commodities and asset classes to protect themselves.

By knowing these things in advance as well as how to prosper while others lose out you need to watch the video below. This is about to be one of the biggest zero sum games in history and you want to be on the right side of the equation.

To listen to how to protect your money and buy Elevation Group’s stuff please visit the link below.


Is this a scam? No Elevation Group is not a scam but they do market their financial information product in a way that appears to offer a quick fix to a complex situation as is your financial future for your family.

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