The Annual Master Gardener’s Garden Tour

by admin on April 17, 2011

in Tyler Businesses

Based on the current state of my lawn, one would never believe that I really do enjoy gardening and yard work, particularly at this time of year. I the past I have learned a lot from the experimentation process, seeing what grows best where, when and in what soil. Unfortunately, the busyness of my life as it currently stands makes it impossible for me to keep up with any major outdoor projects. For those like me, who enjoy a walk in the garden but don’t have the time to grow one for themselves, allow me to suggest a visit to the Smith County Master Gardener’s Home Garden Tour.

The Smith County Master Gardener’s Garden Tour is an annual event that features master gardeners displaying their own hard work and dispensing ideas and advise to visiting Tylerites. Each gardener has developed their own space in their own style. And their work is not limited to gardening. The yards on display are complete landscaping projects. The locations are spread around Tyler including; Mobile Dr., W. Sixth, FM 724, Harvey Rd, and the Cascades. Admission is ten dollars for advance tickets and ten dollars at the door. For more information on this beautiful and fascinating event, visit the following website: , or call Keith Hanson at (903) 590-2980.

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