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by admin on April 26, 2011

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PRIMELENDING Tyler TX Home Mortgage Loans

Primelending in Tyler TX

Primelending: 903-939-3220

Professional Mortgage Associates in Tyler TX

A few short years ago there were quite a few sub-prime mortgage lenders. At that time my credit score was just starting to look somewhat decent and for me a sub-prime lender made the most since. I ended up being ready to get a home mortgage right as the sub-prime bubble burst and was unable to score the loan I wanted based on my credit score and work history.

I eventually was able to get a loan for a Tyler Texas home but it took a lot of shopping around and talking to different lenders. When trying to get a loan through a bank they usually like to have some type of established relationship with you but there are other choices such as lenders who specialize in home mortgage loans.

Today I took a look at a couple Tyler Texas home mortgage lenders and found some details for those who may be shopping for a place to give them a home loan. Primelending specializes in offering all different types of loans and even home loans most others do not even try to get for their customers. For instance, I found out Primelending of Tyler routinely helps veterans with VA loans while most other mortgage lenders simply do not want to deal with the hassle of these because the money just isn’t there.

Primelending also does FHA and USDA home mortgage loans and quite a few other options. If you are looking for choices regarding your home loan in Tyler Texas I recommend checking out this place as it may speed up the process of trying to get that loan you have been wanting. I need to mention that I have not been paid to mention Primelending as a home mortgage company I like and so this is strictly my own opinion from the research I have done. I hope it helps.

I also stopped by and took a look at another home loan company in Tyler Texas called Professional Mortgage Associates. This company also specializes in finding multiple loan options for those relocating to a new Tyler home. This company handles shopping for USDA rural housing loans, VA Texas vet loans, conventional loans, and FHA loans.

Professional Mortgage Associates mentions that they will help you avoid the pitfall of falling for a teaser home mortgage rate. Their website has a few great resources that may help you such as testimonials, the loan process, mortgage calculators, and a loan application right online.

Feel free to give either company a call if you need to begin shopping for a home loan in Tyler Texas.

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