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Tyler TX GymsAre you a guy that sits behind a desk all day working for yourself and yet you do nothing to stay healthy or lose weight?

You are not alone as I myself have enjoyed the practice of eating what I want when I want with little regard for my growing belly and future heart problems.

I am a thirty something male who works for myself and has little self discipline when it comes to working out and learning new things.

What usually gets me off my seat is some type of dramatic life changing event but sometimes I simply choose to do something different for a change.

Tyler TX Gyms

You may take pride in the fact that you could lose weight by yourself if you wanted to but forget about that for now and look at the benefits of having a personal fitness coach.

At XTC Fitness and Sports in Tyler Texas you have multiple classes like kickboxing, and yoga that come free with your gym membership. Your personal coach walks you through the entire 45 minute to hour long class.

The noon class is only 45 minutes and allows you to skip out during lunch and do a hard core 45 minute work out routine that keeps your heart pumping the entire time while building muscle and learning how to fight.

The kickboxing class is no wimpy class and is made for guys or gals. Tony Cruz has been a very successful personal trainer for years and now has his own Tyler Texas gym.

The Tyler Texas gyms you see in town now are not equipped to the extent that XTC Fitness will soon be. XTC is currently converting the old Skateplex behind The Diner into a huge Tyler Texas gym the likes you have yet to see in East Texas.

Tony has spared no expense and has paid attention to offer every possible option for his Tyler TX gym that you could imagine from spin classes, indoor track, Yoga, Zumba, child care, kids tutoring, rock climbing wall, bleacher running platform, to a very impressive free weights layout.

New Tyler TX Fitness Facility

Considering with your membership you have access to a host of free fitness programs that have your very own coach to lead you through the quick efficient training you will feel better and more fit than you likely have since highschool.

XTC Fitness in Tyler TX offers you the exact system for your weight loss goals with affordable membership programs, the exercise systems you like in place, free personal training with each class, and a schedule to fit almost anybody’s time crunch.

Because Tony’s gym is in a very accessible easy to get to location in Tyler you can jet out from your workplace at noon, workout with the kickboxing class for 45 minutes, shower, and head back in to work.

Rather than eating a big burrito at Chuy’s, why not eat an already prepared sandwich, drive over to XTC Fitness and lose some weight. It is really as simple as that.

You just show up and Tony’s crew will handle it all from there. Within just a few short months and definitely within a year you will see some crazy fast results.

It is not just me that is getting into this kickboxing thing, I have met a 42 year old man in my class that does it with me, and stays afterwards to work out even longer. There are women in the class anywhere from 45 – 22 and they all do the real push ups and not the ones where you get down on your knees.

I am telling you many of these women never thought they would even be able to do one real push up and here they are doing 10 at a time what some call “man push-ups”

XTC right now has some pretty awesome deals so go by and talk to Jeremy and see what he can hook you up with and don’t forget to tell him you heard about their place on here.

As a bonus for joining early you will get access to their grand opening launch and party that is going to really knock the doors off the place.

They are only letting a select few in for their launch party on June 24th so go by now to join so you can get on the list.

As my own personal guarantee, if you join XTC fitness and lose no weight from their fitness system and give up I will buy you a Marble Slab ice cream on me, I will then take you back to XTC on a day of your choice and help you burn it off.

Now is the time to join a proven fitness system and stop getting confused and mixed up with all the Tyler TX gyms and sports centers that advertise out there. This is the real deal and has proven to many that weight really can shed off quicker than a striped lizard on hot asphalt.

As a warning, don’t put this off if you are 30 something and like me sitting behind a desk never doing something to keep that heart moving, and losing those pounds as it will catch up to you quickly. You know how the time is flying by now that your in your 30’s and it isn’t about to slow down and in fact will start moving even faster.

As a reminder XTC Fitness has some really sweet deals right now so be sure to come on in and check out what they are. Ask for Jeremy and he will give you the grand tour.

Call and speak with Jeremy at Telephone: 1-903-509-4269

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