Governor Perry Expected to Announce His Candidacy for President

by admin on August 8, 2011

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Rick Perry announces run for president

Well, allow me to be the first to say that it appears I was wrong in my assessment of whether Governor Perry would run for president.  Back in May I said that I doubted that the Texas Governor would seek the Republican nomination, but how things have changed since then! With the national economy on the decline, and the GOP looking for a top tier candidate to lead the Presidential ticket, our executive is more and more in demand. Now I’ve had my issues with the governor from time to time, and to be honest he hasn’t been my first choice, but in the absence of any other recognizable candidates, Perry is looking more and more like the most viable choice. He’s a stalwart defender of the second and the tenth amendments, business friendly and for the most part, fiscally conservative. And I must confess to a certain cynical pleasure in the idea of the country choosing another Texas Governor after being told that surely no Texan would ever be elected after Mr. Bush.  

                 At the end of the day our state has the healthiest economy of any other state in the union, and that’s no accident! It is in fact a credit to a capitalist friendly, pro- business, low tax, right to work, state and local government. Like him or not, at some point the governor deserves at least a share in the credit for our state’s fiscal health. It is largely on this basis that republicans all over the nation are clamoring for him to run for the nomination. And according to a number of sources I’ve read, Mr. Perry is expected to declare that he’s jumping into the race this weekend. The announcement would come just a week after the governor’s day of prayer which was held in Houston this past weekend. While it may or may not be what he intended, the event certainly helped to raise his visibility and certify his conservative Christian credentials. While we sometimes disagree with him, Mr. Perry has earned his stripes here. If he’ll take the same economic course nationally, that he’s taken here in Texas, in my opinion, he’s worth supporting.

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