The Cliffs in Lindale is one of my top 10 favorite East Texas Destinations

by admin on September 29, 2011

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For those who are always looking for something to do in East Texas you don’t have to feel like there is nothing to do in your town, consider the cliffs. So how much does all this fun cost? We went in September of 2011 and we paid $6 a person. It was well worth the price!

This place is fantastic for the dare devil or for someone who can manage to have just a little excitement in their life. There is a cliff to dive off of for almost anyone here right into a crystal blue pool of aquifer water.

Do to the small amount of sulfur in this spring you don’t have to worry about critters and amoebas swimming around in this water which keeps it feeling like your swimming in a gigantic drinking water tank.

I took my brother here fr his birthday this summer as he prefers a present in the form of an experience or event of some kind and he was more than happy with the outcome.

We dove off several cliffs, swam around the large lake/aquifer/pool area and had a blast.

Unfortunately this place seems too good to be true and the legal liabilities seem pretty big if someone were to get hurt. Hopefully the worse case scenario might be you have to sign a release in case you kill yourself jumping off one of these cliffs.

In conclusion The Cliffs in Lindale offers one more reason why you can’t say there is nothing to do in this town.

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