What To Do For Valentines Day in Tyler Texas?

by admin on February 14, 2012

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For guys it is often about the doing, buying, and getting but for the girl all they really want during Valentines Day is time spent just with them. A good long nice conversation without any distractions is the long sought after communication many guys fail to deliver all year long and so for Valentines day maybe take the time to really try and find something meaningful to talk about.

If you are a guy that finds it difficult to come up with things to say when all the pressure of Valentines Day is upon you I recommend going to Toys R Us and picking up a game like “Would You Rather” or many other games like it that offer ice breaker questions that are sure to get you talking and asking questions. Why not bring a few cards with you on your date at the restaurant or venue you plan on going to and simply use them to break the ice through the pressure of Valentines Day.

Before you know it those little cards may just make things good not only for you but for her to as she gets her first long and meaningful conversation with you that she has had in quite some time. Now sometimes relationships have a bit of a role reversal in which the girl is left wondering what to talk about it. In this situation the girl can take this same idea and allow a few cards from an ice breaker board game to get the conversation flowing.

Now you are all probably reading this article for suggestions on actual things to do for Valentines Day in Tyler. Well there are some planned events for today in Tyler and we will list those below but just make sure to include some meaningful coversation because that is really all your date is after. If a little further romantic feelings develop later well you can thank me for helping you. If you are on a first date my suggestion is to keep things low key, friendly, NORMAL, and not too romantic. You see a girl on a first date is not going to want to have too much too soon regarding touchy feely, super personal conversations, and 20 questions grilling. Be normal and funny and if necessary break the ice using the game cards idea if you got nothing.

It’s a little chilly today but if both you are bundled up consider going over to the Rose Garden and experience the Rose Capital of the World up close. Since you live in Tyler might as well make use of the part of our history most closely tied to a day like Valentines.

I would go during lunch, bring a blanket, lunch, and sweets. Spread the blanket out on the grass near the fountain. Feed your significant other grapes, candy, chocolate or something like that and she will likely feel great by all the prioritization and planning that went into making this day special for her.

The Texas state railroad offers a Valentines train ride and dinner but the last day for this was Feb 12th so you really missed out on this idea, too bad! maybe you can do it next year – Texas State Railroad Rusk Texas

Let’s Cook is a business in Tyler next to The Diner and in front of XTC Fitness that offers a date cooking class where you eat and learn to cook all night long. I did this a few months ago and my wife and I had a really fun time. I highly recommend this and at this time they still have 3 spots open for tonights Valentines date night. The chef tonight will be the same chef my wife and I had when we did this and he is a lot of fun. The chef is Al Ippolito and he is Italian, full of culture, fun, and enthusiasm for Italian food. I am sure he will keep you entertained and full of delicious food the entire night.  To see if they have any available spots for tonight call them here: (903) 581-2665. You can visit their website at: http://www.letscooktyler.com/

Date: Feb 14

Time: 6:30-9:30PM

Price: $225/Couple

Availability: Open

Something special is brewing for Valentine’s Day at Let’s Cook! Al Ippolito will demonstrate the preparation of wonderful Italian-inspired appetizers, salad, main course & dessert, while you observe and learn. Bring your own booze. Click here for the menu

You could send a Conan O’Brien Facebook Platonic friend only Valentines Day card but he sneakily slips in that maybe you should be more than that as the video card continues. Check it out on Facebook, rather humorous if I do say so myself.
A movie at Carmike is always a great idea in my book but be sure to slip in a good convo along the way or your date is likely to feel as if this Valentines Day was just like all the other days you never talk to her.

A dinner at Kiepersol Estates Restaurant and winery or Jakes are two really great places to eat with amazing romantic charm about them and I will say that Dakato’s is alright too but those first two just have a little more pizaz. I like Kiepersol the most and for some reason as great as it is I still pay less money for everything than I do at Jake’s and Dakato’s so just one more reason to go with Kiepersol. Kiepersol offers a great Valentines Day lunch so if you want to beat the crowds give their lunch a try.

Get her candy at the Sweet Gourmet in the shopping center where Einstein Bagles is located.

Get her flowers at Walmart because they look so good and yet are still so cheap or pay a little more in the big tent setup at all local Brookshires.

Have a romantic canoe ride down the neches river in Tyler off of highway 64. You can drive down to the neches river which is accessible from Highway 64. Canoe down to the bridge and back and mayeb bring something to drink and eat such as wine and chocolate. It’s your East Texas gondola ride, similar to Venice but much more accessible and a lot cheaper.

Liberty Hall is showing “An Affair to Remember” tonight at 8 pm. Tickets are still available so go check them out here: More info

Skyvue movie theater is a lot of fun as you get to watch a new movie old timey style outdoors on a big screen. You can tune in the sound on your radio and leave the car running with heat or air conditioner. Tonight at 8:30 they will be showing Journey to the Center of the Earth and Red Tails right after. Maybe pack some chocolate covered strawberries to bring with you and stay for one or two movies.

These are all the Valentines Day ideas I have for this year, I hope this helps in some way.

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