The Comfort Inn & Suites in Tyler… & Beyond

by admin on May 7, 2012

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The fact that I grew up traveling has gone a long way to creating in me a nostalgia for staying in hotels. I realize that for many people who travel solely for work- related purposes that may seem like a fairly absurd statement. But for me, staying over night in a hotel was part of an adventure.  I’m sure that the level of one’s enjoyment of hotels is due solely to the purpose he or she has in traveling, but it’s almost always been a positive experience for me.

It’s always amusing to me to hear people discuss their requirements of a hotel. It must have this or that, it had better not be lacking in this amenity or that one… We all have different levels of expectations. I’m generally fairly easy to please. A cool, clean room, comfortable bed and working TV with Fox News and ESPN will generally keep me content. Throw in a good continental breakfast, and I may even stay another night.

On a recent trip to Dallas, (which was purely recreational mind you), I introduced my son the fun of staying in a hotel. We’ve stayed in them before, but he’s only four so his memories of previous trips are foggy at best.  On this outing I chose to stay in a Comfort Inn. Admittedly a simple establishment, but it came complete with a pool and all the amenities I’ve listed above, along with quite a few I didn’t. Now I realize this was Dallas, but I should reinforce the fact that Tyler also has a Comfort Inn which is arguably more upscale than the one I visited. Enough so that it should surely be able to meet the requirements of patrons whose needs are more… sophisticated than mine are.   The Comfort Inn and Suits in Tyler is located on South Broadway and has all the amenities one would expect, including an indoor pool, hot tube, fitness center and more. It’s generally on the more high- end side of the chain but prices are still reasonable. Tyler has what seems to me a surprising number of places to stay, but the Comfort is among the nicer choices. To read more or to make reservations read about them online or contact their office at (903) 534-0999.

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