An oil change may lead to needing a tire change

by admin on September 27, 2012

in Tyler Businesses

Generally speaking, I’ve had no trouble with Fast Oil & Lube on Highway 31 in Tyler, just a mile from the loop. That is until a few months ago when I decided to never go back there again, and it’s a shame because my house is located just down the road.

Anyway, I had just gotten off work and I needed an oil change for a road trip I was taking the next morning.  I got out of my car and let the employees do their thing when one of them asked me if I had a spare tire. I answered, “Yes, but why would I need it?”

He then proceeded to show me my flat tire and the valve was completely torn out.

Not that there’s a good time for this to happen, but the timing couldn’t have gotten worse for me. I had to be leaving town no later than 7:30 the next morning and most places don’t open util 8 a.m. Yes, I made them pay and I made a decision as to where I will never go to get my oil change.

I never got an understandable explanation but I was obviously extremely upset with them. The most logical explanation I could come to was that when they did their courtesy tire check, they decide to add more air the were careless as they yanked the hose while it was attached to the valve. Not sure if that’s accurate, but that’s not important. What was important was they made a stupid careless mistake that cost them at least one customer. I’d advise you not to go there either unless you don’t care about keeping your vehicle in good shape.

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