Popeyes opens in Tyler

by admin on November 27, 2012

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Popeyes Chicken is good, but it’s not so good that I’d be willing to wait in two-mile line for it. That’s pretty much what happened in Tyler on the Northwest loop when the franchise opened up earlier this month. There was a huge line with cars at a complete stop until they would move a few feet every few minutes to be among the first-day customers.

That also continued on the second day, and the third. It probably continued for a week. My question is simply “Why?” Why is it so important to eat at a business early that you’re willing to wait in a long line? It’s going to be up long enough for you to get in there when it’s not so packed. Can you really not wait that long? Is your patience really that low?

It was either the first or second night the restaurant was open when my cousin and I placed an order for Wing Stop which is right down the road from Popeyes on the loop. The line was huge and prevented and the parking lot to Wing Stop was still a good distance away. Seeing as we were at a complete stop, I jumped out of the passenger’s seat and walked to Wing Stop to get our food. It must have taken 10-15 minutes for them to get me the food and when I walked out to the car, I saw it was pretty much in the same spot. It may have moved 10 feet at the most.

It just showed me it’s so not worth it. I have been to other locations and like the food, but I think I’ll wait until the line dies down some. In fact, it shouldn’t be nearly as packed now. Maybe I’ll head there and for lunch. If I see that it still hasn’t died down, I’m willing to wait. It will be there for at least a little while longer.

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