Farmville Secrets To Win The Game

by admin on March 29, 2010

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Many people play this game called Farmville on Facebook and for those that don’t play it it can be very annoying sifting through the Farmville updates that get posted on your wall.

If you get on Facebook in Tyler at all you have likely seen the Farmville updates and all I can think is why are these people not out in their gardens in real life planting vegetables.

I still have not tried the game for fear that I too will get sucked in to this time waster. Don’t we waste enough time on Facebook already?

There are still people that would like to play farmville no matter how much people like you and me make fun of them. For those people I would like to suggest a resource they may help you start winning the Farmville game. My motivation is to not just to have you start winning Farmville but to reach the conclusion after a succesfull garden or two that you have been there and done that Farmville thing and will move on to something else.

So check out the Farmville Secrets and Cheat resource below, start winning, and than plant some real vegetables please! 🙂 …

Click Here!

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admin March 29, 2010 at 8:55 am

My friend Holly mentioned the following,

"Donny if you click on the hide button as you hover over a farmville update it will show you an option to hide farmville!"



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