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by admin on October 10, 2009

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It’s been said that if you want to start new business, or expand to a new town, find what’s already working there and do the same thing, only better. One of Tylerite’s favorite comfort foods (myself included), is fried chicken. There is definitely a crowded market for this southern favorite in Tyler Texas. In fact if you include Brookshire’s grocery, there are just about as many chicken joints as there are churches in this town. And like our churches, we all have our favorites. Of late I have become a devotee of one or Tyler’s newest chicken establishments.

Chicken Express was founded as late as 1988 in Benbrook Texas, and now operates more than a hundred franchises in four states. Each Tyler restaurant is independently owned and operated, thus insuring the local owners a greater stake in their own success. While the restaurant is technically considered fast food, the quality and taste far exceeds its competitors.

When comparing the food to places like KFC, the prices are slightly higher, but the chicken is juicier and more flavorful. The batter is lighter and crispier. When compared to Church’s Chicken, (who’s food I really like), C.E. is every bit as good but the stores are larger and cleaner, with more places to sit and relax.

My only criticism of Chicken Express is that the menu is relatively small. Don’t misunderstand, they do a few things and do them very well, but as someone who often finds it necessary to eat in my car or otherwise on the go, some kind of sandwich would be much more conducive to a busy on the go lifestyle. Fried chicken is not an easy meal to grab and go. But maybe that’s the point.

In spite of the small menu, I love this restaurant. Who needs national chains when you have a good Texas, company, local Tyler ownership, and classic southern fare? Next time you stop off for fried chicken, say, on your way home from church, give this new local business a try. I think you’ll find you have a new favorite chicken place. For the location nearest you, go to

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