Tyler Pizza Showdown

by admin on October 15, 2009

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If you are a big eater and love pizza, why not eat as much pizza as you want at Double Dave’s pizza? It is a great place to hang out with your friends and watch the game on the giant screen television or one of the many smaller televisions. Have a party in the back room with it’s own private television. Check out the specials on certain days. Double Dave’s is a great place to drink a beer and eat some of the greatest pizza in Tyler. You could also get your favorite pizza brought to your table or you can call in and pick your pizza to go. If you are throwing a party Double Dave’s will deliver to your house. Enjoy a great salad bar with all the freshest toppings. Have a great time playing video games with your kids, watching the game and eating all the pizza and wings you can.

If you ask any little kids where the most fun place to go is. They would not hesitate to tell you Chuck E. Cheese. The pizza might be a 4th pizza and the rest grease, but you never cease to have a great time. Enjoy all different video games, shoot around on the small basketball games and play in the fun playground area. Watch your children’s faces light up as they see Chuck E. walk out to greet them. If their birthday is coming up let them have the party that they really want at Chuck E Cheese. Watch your kids get so excited to pick out the small 25 cents toys that they won from the games that they have been playing. If you are looking of a fun place to play and “be a child” and not care so much about the bad pizza then this is the place for you.

CiCi’s Pizza is a very popular pizza buffet. It has great prices and a lot of pizza. If they are out of your favorite at the bar then you can ask them to make it just for you to bring to your table or just to serve on the bar. They have a salad bar with all different toppings. I don’t really like CiCi’s though. I don’t like the feeling of the employees screaming “WELCOME TO CICI’S” as I walk in, and yelling “THANK YOU” as I leave and everyone looking at me. I don’t like the chewy crust and the greasy cheese. I might be different then most people, but I like my lettuce green with a crunch and not brown and slimy. But there must be something good about the restaurant since there is always business, I just never have seen what that is.

The best pizza in Tyler and maybe in the country is definitely Papa Murphy’s. Walk into one of the small stores and order your own personal favorites with any topping that you want. Everything is hand made and half cooked. Take your pizza home and keep it in your refrigerator for later or you can take it straight home and cook it in your oven. Try there stuffed pizza with layers of meat and cheese or the thin crust. You can even by a wheel of garlic cheese bread or a wonderful desert pizza. You can not go wrong with choosing Papa Murphy’s, unless you don’t have an oven.

There is a couple Mazzio’s pizza in Tyler. I don’t know how they get any business and how anyone could eat in there. The floor is always dirty and the pizza bad. I swear that they must reserve the same pizza all week because I don’t understand how in only a day a pizza could be so stale. The only thing keeping it warm is the red light attracting the flies. I always feel sick when I see the filthy kitchen. After a week of a sick stomach I would not eat there again.

Tyler has one Ken’s pizza. They have a fun game room with all different arcade video games. But I have very little to say about the food there. Most of the times that I have gone there the pizza tasted cold and old. But I have been there when I was surprised by the warm crust with the perfect amount of crunch. But I always seem to feel so sick every time I eat there. The grease seems to flood the taste of the cheese and the meat and the sauce. I am not a big fan of greasy old crust. The tables and chairs are always really greasy and I always feel like I need to run home as fast as I can and take a shower. Ken’s pizza is definitely a “pass” when it comes to eating pizza or eating out in general.

So if your are going to eat pizza here in Tyler hopefully this will show you where to have great pizza and where to have a great time. Hopefully I showed you which places to stay clear of.

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