AAA Driving School in Tyler Texas

by admin on August 3, 2010

in Automotive

The law is starting to get stricter on people to take driving school even if they do not get their driver’s license before they are 18. It is good to know the schools that are in Tyler that gives you the best driving education.

I am not going to say that AAA Driving School is the best classes in Tyler but they give you what you need to get your license. They also show you a couple movies of deadly crashes; it is as if they really do not want you to drive n the road.

I really do not want to have to sit there and see people’s arms getting cut off from bad drivers. I understand that they want to show seriousness of driving a car.

I, personally, am not interested in watching “Red Asphalt”, but I guess if your instructors are extremely monotone and hard to pay attention to, that you have to have something that will get these kid’s to listen.

The driving school is a six hour class for one day or you can do the class for three hours for two days. Now you do not really have a choice to take the class or not. I guess it is due to all the crazy teenagers that will not stop texting while driving.

The class is $90 which seems to be pretty reasonable. Now there really is no reason to wait until you are 18 to get your license, you still have to take the driving class.

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