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by admin on October 21, 2009

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Tyler has so many different locations for each of your fast food cravings. Each place has it’s own feel and more importantly taste. Every restaurant you eat at it is very important to know how clean the restaurant and kitchen is, but also how clean the food is.

Taco Bell is know for its cheap prices and one of the few successful Mexican fast food restaurants. But to most people it is known for its puddles of grease, and want to be ground beef. There has been so many times that I have been there and the floors were dirty, the bathrooms filthy, and walked out discussed. I will not return to Taco Bell after once being grossed out by the mold growing on the side of my cheesy gordita crunch and one time I had someone’s hair in my taco. It was so disgusting that I can hardly drive by a taco bell with out my stomach turning.

Everyone across the world has seen the two golden arches. McDonald’s cheese burger is one of the most famous burgers. Kid’s faces light up every time you drive up and they see the huge play place. For some reason all the McDonald’s except a couple, have taken out their play places. Personally, I don’t see what people like about the food here. I recently went to a McDonald’s that was inside the Wal-Mart off of Broadway. My family ordered and not a single thing was made the way we asked for. I was so frustrated that I wanted to complain along with half the other customers whose order was wrong, but it took so long for the food to come out the first time that I did not have the time to deal with waiting that long again. I get frustrated walking into a McDonald’s restaurant and how dirty the play places are. But the play place is the thing that kids love the most about McDonald’s.

Subway is the healthy way to go when you decide to go to eat at a fast food restaurant. Walk through the great vegetable bar and pick out exactly what you want on your sandwich and how you want it. Toasted or not, pick out the bread, meat and cheese. You can look on the menu to get the healthiest sandwich that is advertised to help you loose weight. You can always find fresh vegetables and fresh sandwich meat. They even sell pizzas that you can put whatever you want on it. They also have great new flat bread that is my new favorite thing to get there. So if you want to get fast food I suggest to go healthy and stop by Subway.

I don’t know how people can still eat at Long John Silver’s. I have not eaten there in a long time but I have all the reason to not go there. I got so sick when I went there when I was little. I don’t know why some one would think that “rubbery” fake sea food would taste good. Even the thought of the food just sounds really gross.

Texas has a great fast food chain. From miles away you can spot the bright orange and white metal roof or Whataburger. It is no regular fast food restaurant each one has it’s own feel. There you can also have a great place to watch a game and hang out with your friends. Have a great juicy burger and some great fries. Enjoy the real ice cream taste and have a great strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla shake. Whataburger’s prices are usually higher than other chain fast food restaurants but the food is so much better. You can be able to make your burger your way. Stop by for the best specials around. Stop and enjoy great food, environment, people and enjoy a cold Dr. Pepper.

The ultimate drink stop in the United States is the well known drive threw, Sonic. Have fun hanging out side and play some sand volleyball, or play with the kids on the play place. Come over to get a drink for half off from 2:00 to 4:00. You can get a lot of different flavors in your soda or get a refreshing slushy in any flavor. The food is terrible. I have mentioned before that I hate greasy food. I get discussed by the puddles of grease floating on the top of chili cheese tots. But there is not many things more wonderful than to cool down with a cold drink or ice cream on a hot Texan summer. So stop by and get a drink for half off.

I hate watching the television and seeing those retarded Jack In The Box commercials. I hate them so much that I wont even eat there. I once ate there and my burger and fries were cold. I heard of great deals on food there, but because of the nasty creepy commercials I refuse to go there.

Another of the best fast food chains in Tyler is the most popular, Chick-fil-a. Everyone knows the cows that are able write, yet misspell the word “more”. Get the best chicken and a wonderful fresh salad. Get a drink of great sweat tea or one of their new milkshakes. Try all their great sauces. They have wonderful waffle fries and the best chicken sandwiches. Enjoy a fun time and let your kids play in the fun play places. Come to “cow appreciation day” and dress up like a cow for a free meal. have some fun and great food. Bring your kids to Chick-fil-a.

For the worst food of all the fast food restaurants, but one of the cheapest places to get ice cream, go to Dairy Queen. Last time I went there it took forever to get my food and the Dairy Queen was dirty. But kids have a fun time eating ice cream and playing, but the food was awful. The chicken was hard and the salad brown. It was one place that I wont go back to.

Want to eat at a place whose bread is old, the wait is long, your food always is brought out wrong, but the food is good? The stop by Wendy’s. Try food off of the one dollar menu. I do admit that they have great new chicken and some times there are things that are pretty good. But I don’t think there was once that I went there and it didn’t take for ever for the food to come out, or my order was wrong. I don’t have the time to eat there, but if your patient enough for it, go ahead and eat cheap at Wendy’s.

So here is my opinion of the fast food restaurants to go eat or stay clear. Tyler has a great variety of fast food restaurants, you just need to know which ones to stay clear of. Take out your kids to have a fun time, and enjoy a quick bite on your lunch break, just know where to go.

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