Choosing a Home Remodeling Company in Tyler Texas

by admin on November 6, 2009

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When picking a home remodeling company in Tyler Texas it is good to use a company that is insured and bonded. You can also choose a company that is licensed but you will usually pay a few thousand more dollars than if you were to go with a skilled contractor that still is insured and bonded but without the license. There are many home remodeling contractors in Tyler TX that have the insurance but don’t see the benefit in becoming licensed. In most cases choosing a licensed contractor just isn’t necessary unless taking out a very large home remodeling loan where the bank requires that the contractor be licensed.

Before Picture from Home Creations

Before Picture from R and R Home Creations

We had several Tyler home remodeling companies come by our house and give us quotes on things like a new roof, flooring, tiling, painting, door and window installations, custom showers. What we found is that quite a few of these Tyler Texas building contractors would quickly add on things that they could do even when they were really only good at one or two things. You can imagine when we had them do some of these additional tasks they would not be as good at the additional things as what we initially hired them for. This was not the case with a home remodeling contractor we found experienced in several different areas of home construction offering discount prices I just didn’t see elsewhere. Also the level of confidence I had with this construction company had to do with their ability to continually price their jobs right and their attention to detail.

Josh with R and R Home Creations remodeling has experience in turn key home remodeling where they will typically provide a turn key remodel for your major remodeling points in an old house. We found that Home Creations had a great deal of experience in installing flooring, refinishing flooring, drywall, tiling, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, back splash and tile installation, as well as texturing and painting. When buying new doors and windows they can also professionally install these items as well. Their expertise and low overhead allowed us to begin our home remodeling project at a much cheaper price tag than the typical project of this size. They had multiple before and after pictures to show us of turn key home remodeling projects they have completed for half the price I have been quoted by other home building and remodeling consultants.

After Picture by Home Creations

After Picture by R and R Home Creations

This Tyler Texas home remodeling company was very convenient to our budget as they worked with us in completing our project in phases. We wanted the cost savings that comes when hiring a company to do a large job but we needed the entire project to happen over the course of a year as we had the money to pay for it. Josh Rucker with Home Creations has experience in most aspects of a home remodel and when they are asked about a job outside their experience they have affordable people they use to complete such things as electrical and plumbing work.

Call Javier and Josh Rucker at R and R Home Creations – 1-903-348-7227

For specialised home remodeling such as custom cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms we recommend Cupboards Plus. Josh Rucker with R and R Home Creations can come in and do the back-splash using tile above the cabinets and countertops to finish up a kitchen remodel.

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