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You can reach our preferred Texas certified Septic Company in Tyler Texas by calling Evan Watson Dirt Works – 903-360-2513

When hiring a Septic company in Tyler Texas to assist with a possible flooding of your tank and or house there are a couple pointers I would like to pass along. Usually when you start getting a back up in your house and possibly water flooding on your floors it is related to a combination of a clogged drain line in your yard, a night of raining, and an early morning shower and a couple of toilet flushes. If your drain line is clogged, you have rain water puddling on top of that drain line and you just took a long shower you may start to see water coming into your house from the bottom of the toilet, out of the bathtub, and who really knows all where it may be leaking out of. You want to put a quick end to this nightmare.

You will want to hire a septic company to come out and pump the water out of your tank. This will not solve your problem but will allow you to use your toilet and showers again provided another rain does not come. You will need to get to the root of the issue which are the drain lines. The drain lines many times are large PVC pipe with holes that come out at a slight angle downwards into the ground. They are usually built into a square with a cross of PVC in the middle. This type of setup allows for several drain lines to become clogged while still allowing water to flow in some of the drain lines that are working.

Septic in Tyler Texas

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In my situation all of the drain lines seem to be clogged because no matter what I do water still some into the house. Many times a worker from a septic company will let you know if something needs to be done about your clogged drain line or the house flooding will continue. They will work off the clock to work and repair your septic. Because there are EPA guidelines to fix and construct a proper septic drain line the septic pump company will usually just be licensed to pump the tank but not construct a septic system. That is why many times in rural areas you have a hodgepodge of septic creations in the ground going into hay bails, a pile of rocks in the ground and so on. These type of setups sometimes work for awhile, not at all, or they just might do the trick.

You can hire someone off the clock to make your septic system work that may not be certified to do this type of thing but we do not recommend it. You may only pay $400 instead of $4000 but you may end up having to do it all over again the correct way. Instead we recommend that you hire a good quality septic company in Tyler Texas that has an EPA license and can build you a septic system that will last for years.

You can reach our preferred EPA certified Septic Company in Tyler Texas by calling Evan Watson Dirt Works – 903-360-2513

We have not been paid to refer Evan Watson as our preferred Texas certified Septic Company in Tyler Texas. We simply know Evan Watson to be very good at what he does.

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