AT&T Cell Phone Service in Tyler Texas

by admin on September 10, 2010

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AT&T Cell Phone Company


6004 S Broadway, Suite 100, Tyler – (903) 561-9393

5393 S Broadway Ave, Tyler – (903) 324-1117

4601 South Broadway Avenue, Tyler – (903) 939-1808

We have been having so many problems communicating with AT&T. Our cell phone bills in Tyler Texas have been higher than they should be. We decided that we should go up to the store and talk to them about lowering our bill. When we had gone up to the store we had explained that we are thinking about cancelling one of your phones. After we had expressed that the bills were more expensive than we had originally agreed on, they told us that we only had to pay less than half of what was on the bill. They had also told us that we would be getting $150 back on our next bill.

When we got our next month’s bill it was twice as much as the month before, and it stated that we had not paid the month before. We have been having a lot of issues like this one. The issues started to happen when we got the package deal. We got internet, direct TV, and two cell phones on one bill. Although this deal saves some money, it is really stressful that AT&T keeps on messing up our bills. It is really frustrating that when we go to the store they tell us one thing but then when we get our bill in the mail it states something completely different.

When we bought our phones we had got them from the Tyler Wal-Mart. We went up to the Wal-Mart phone section and talked to the guy that worked for the electronics. We had told him that we wanted to cancel our phone. He told us that soon AT&T will not be offering the unlimited internet package and that if we decide to cancel or switch phones we will lose the unlimited internet. He explained to us that soon other companies that Tyler Wal-Mart sells phones for are soon going to offer unlimited internet, text messaging, and phone calls. Soon we will be moving our cell phone service over to this smart phone, because we are tired of having to talk to so many different confused people about the problems on our phone bills.

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