Genghis Grill in Tyler Texas

by admin on September 16, 2010

in Asian Food

Tyler recently opened a Mongolian stir fry grill. The Genghis quickly became very popular. It has such a different spin on stir fry, that the restaurant is usually packed. The fact of the popularity of the restaurant was my first worry. The tables are so close together that it makes the dinning experience uncomfortable. I got pretty sick and tired of the guy next to accidentally sticking his back side in my face every time he tried to sit down.

Once everyone was seated and people stopped getting up, the experience was great. The waitress showed us how to make our bowls. You start with a metal bowl and walk through the buffet of meats vegetables. You can choose from the many different uncooked meats, such as steak, chicken, shrimp, and much more. You can pile as much as you can fit into your metal bowl. Choose from their many seasonings for your meat. Top off your meat with a selection of uncooked vegetables. At the end of the buffet you can try their great selection of sauces from sweet to spicy. Lastly you fill your small cup with a sauce that you have chosen.

When you are done putting together your bowl, you hand your uncooked meal to the chief who asks you if you want to have rice or noodles with your stir fry. The chiefs put on somewhat of a show while they are cooking your food. They start large fires in the middle of the grill and bang gongs. The restaurant gets really loud with yelling orders and gongs ringing. It is quite the entertaining to watch them cook your food.

The food was wonderful but really spicy. If you are worried about how the food you put together will taste, you can follow recipes that the chiefs provide. And for four more dollars you can get an endless bowl and keep going back for more. It is not really a very quiet atmosphere, and it is very crowded, but the food it great and the experience is fun.

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