Hell House in Tyler a Halloween Christian Takeover

by admin on September 17, 2010

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Hell House Tyler Texas

Tyler TX Hell House

Halloween is just around the corner. Tyler Metro Church will open another year of the haunted house, Hell house. In the years past Hell House has been in the middle of the woods and in creepy “haunted” building.

The last year that I went to Hell House, it was all set out side in the middle of the woods. It was really quite freaky riding towards the woods in a carriage. The next thing I knew was a man jumped onto the back of the carriage and was right on my face. I felt like I was going to pass out, he was dressed up in a demon costume and I was not expecting him.

After we got to the beginning of the woods, the man escorted us off the carriage and to a path through the woods. In the middle of the woods there is all different scene set up. As you watch the different stories of men and women dealing with hard times in their lives, you listen to the temptations of the devil. I would not bring a young kid to Hell House because there are very graphic scenes. The most frightening thing about Hell House is that people dressed as demons keep popping up right in your face.

After you have walked through the different scenes you are lead to a dark underground room that resembles a coffin. As the doors open for you to walk out of the coffin the last scene is a scene of Jesus Christ dying for our sins. They talk to you about new life and Jesus washing away our sins. They have people that are willing to pray for people if they are willing. There has been quite a bit of controversy over Hell House’s message. Some people say that they are scarring people into a relationship with Jesus. Hell House staff says that their message is to show how real Hell is, and that we can have life through Christ alone.

There are many ways to help out with Hell House. They open the doors of Tyler metro for anyone to help out. You can be in the different plays, dress up as different creatures or demons. They ask people to be there to pray for visitors that have gone through Hell House. You and your youth groups or church groups can help out in all different ways.

Tyler Texas Suicide

Hell House Suicide

It only costs a few dollars to go through the Hell House. It does get your adrenaline going and freaks you out which is what Halloween is all about.

For a more traditional Tyler TX haunted house check out “Terror Nights” haunted house in Tyler.

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Shelby May 16, 2012 at 4:24 pm

This is ridiculous that they're marketing fire and brimstone as Halloween fun. The scariest part of the hell house in Tyler was when people come to you asking to pray. Anyone with a mind and an ability to have an opinion should stay away or risk getting really pissed off by the ideas that they try to push down your throat. It's appalling.


Lee October 19, 2012 at 10:36 pm

Shelby you obviously have never attended it because they do not shove it down your throat. You know what its about before you go in so its your choice to go. Also at the end if you do not want to talk to one of the Helpers they are ok with it your not judged if you do not want to speak to them. Whats appalling is its ok to tell people to have an opinion if its not yours but if these people have this opinon about life you insinuate that they do not have a mind or the ability to have an opinion. Oxymoron much!!!


hannah October 26, 2012 at 9:08 am

i went the year before last and it was really amazing to me. the only thing i couldtn handle was the car crash.. it was so sad. but yes it was really good and i hope to b atending again this year.


Todd October 27, 2012 at 11:46 am

As a practicing Christian I've always found this scare- em into the kingdom approach as silly "fun" disguised as an attempt at cultural relevance. I'm not particularly offended by most Halloween trick or treat events, but trying to turn the darker aspects of the holiday into an evangelism opportunity is (in my opinion), lame.


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