Tyler Texas Haunted House

by admin on October 30, 2010

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Terror Nights Haunted House
816 E. Oakwood St.
Tyler, TX 75702
Between East Commerce Street and North Beverly Avenue

Phone: 903-363-3291

Website: http://www.terrornightshaunt.com/

Someone named Sheri wrote a really negative review about this haunted house in Tyler on Google Places, she said

“My experience to your haunted house was definitely a nightmare. I was pushed out the exit doors and got to spend the night in the ER with 30 stiches”

I have not been to this haunted house before but it seems to be sponsored by a ton of big companies including the Spirit Halloween costume store.

A veteran actor and employee posted a 5 star positive review back stating that her review of this haunted house is a lie.

So we have a one 1 star review and one 5 star review from an employee, hmm which one should we listen too?

The Terror Nights Haunted House is touted to be a very safe experience by the veteran employee responding to Sheri.

The employee mentioned that this year they installed a top of the line fire safety system. Terror Nights has safety exit doors in every room and they train their employees to keep a watchful eye while scaring you at the same time.

Although this employee says Sheri is a liar the employee also states that they are sorry if the incidents she claimed happened really did happen.

The employee goes on to say some of the things in her review however ring false.

I am a safety conscience person and would personally like to know what in Sheris review is false. It would be helpful to know if the 30 stitches was needed because of a gash from the Terror Nights Haunted House or something else.

My conclusion in regards to all this injury drama is that I will definitely be scared if I go through Terror Nights Haunted House regardless how good or bad the acting and costumes might be.

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Ryan March 22, 2011 at 5:10 am

Just in response to your article, the lady in question has been taken care of by our insurance agency. The incident was unfortunate, but was not something we could have prevented. She was pushed down by another patron and banged up her knee. This kind of stuff happens every once in a while at any large event weather it be a haunted house, rock concert, or any other large gathering where people are involved.

I just wanted to clear the air on this one though, we do run a very safe haunted house, but unfortunately we cannot control every patron that steps inside. They are told multiple times not to run and stay with there group. The girl that pushed her down broke two basic rules which she was told multiple times. This if anything shows us why we have these basic rules.

So we hope that this one review, by 1 out of the 26,500 people that have gone through our haunted house in the last 3 years will not deter people from showing up.

The saying is true, you can do a great job and people might tell one other person, but as soon as you have one upset customer they tell the world.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to everything we do at Terror Nights Haunted House, and foremost is safety, but you never hear about the thousands of other customers that had a great time and where perfectly safe.


Sarah October 29, 2011 at 6:10 pm

Did you mean whether???? Not "weather" lol.


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