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by admin on September 20, 2010

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For a while I have been wishing that Tyler would get a Target Super Center. Though there have been many rumors of one being built, it has not happened. Tyler does however have a Target store. Although I can only buy a few groceries there, like snacks, frozen pizzas, and drinks, Target has become one of my favorite stores to shop, especially if there is a sale going on.

There are many reasons I love to shop at Target, one being the home décor. I highly recommend that people doing their wedding registry at Target. The home décor is always in fashion, and has beautiful lamps, frames, and art work. It has almost everything that you would need for your bathroom, bedroom, living room, and kitchen. I love to see the seasonal dishes and kitchen accessories.

Target has some my favorite selection of clothing around. Little kid’s, women’s and men’s clothes are affordable and always the newest fashion. As fall is arriving you can find great deals on all of target’s summer clothing. As my daughter starts to take ballet classes I had to find the right shoes and outfits for her to wear. These things can get pretty expensive. I have been to a few different places in Tyler looking for the right outfits and slippers, and then I went to Target and found what I was looking for, for a low price. Target has the cutest clothes for young girls. Sometimes it is hard to find age appropriate clothes when you are shopping for little girls. It seems like a lot of stores’ girl’s clothing section are mini shirts, Hannah Montana shirts, and mini bikinis. I do not understand why people try to dress their little girls like they are grown up. I prefer that my kids to dress like young children as long as they can. Target has a great selection of age appropriate outfits. They also sell cute outfits for all different holidays depending on the time of the year. Years past I have gotten flower girls dresses, Easter dresses, and Christmas dresses from Target.

The Women’s clothing at Target has a great selection for women of all sizes and styles. You can top off your great style with fun hats and accessories that are always in fashion. You can get clothes for any season or occasion, such as bathing suits and breezy dresses for the hot summer days, and comfortable jeans, and even that beautiful black dress for date night. Sometimes shopping or maternity clothes can be frustrating because you know that you are only going to be wearing the clothes for nine months before they are going to be put in a box and shoved under the bed, or passed to a friend. The prices for maternity clothes are pretty high for the most part, and Target is not really any different. Target does have great sales though. Some of the maternity clothes can be on sale up to 75% off. All of the maternity clothes are very stylish and Target has the clothes that show off your baby bump, or hide it.

Although you can get most of your electronic needs, if you do not know what you are looking for I recommend that you go to Best Buy to get your questions answered. Target does have a lot of different video games and movies. If you are going to buy something that is behind the glass, be prepared to wait for a while, because it always takes forever for them to find the keys and unlock the door. It gets pretty frustrating having to ask a few different people to help you and they tell you they are going to get the keys and do not come back (this has happened to me more than once at Target).

Target has the most recent toys for your kids. They have aisles of Dora the Explorer, Princesses, and all the newest action figures. For your young children they have all First Steps, and Leap Frog toys. Your children are never too young to learn, and the colorful and educational toys are a great way to start.

Target is my favorite place to shop in Tyler. I have done all my baby registries and wedding registry there. You can get anything there from toilet paper and paper towels to suit cases and camping gear. Although I do like the Target that is in Tyler, Tyler really does need a target super Center so that there really is a one stop store and I can get everything I need.

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