East Texas and Patent Trolling

by admin on September 27, 2010

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East Texas Patent Troll

East Texas Patent Troll

Over the last few years, East Texas has become one of the most popular spots in the country for patent trolls and others seeking an almost sure win for a patent or copyright infringement case. The district court in East Texas is pretty well known for siding with plaintiffs in patent cases. Traditionally, patent trolls hire specialized patent lawyers to fight their battles for them and to seek out companies or other entities that hold patents they could buy and capitalize on.

So, what do patent trolls do? These companies that are called patent trolls buy up patents from other companies and then hire lawyers to prove infringement. In some cases, lawyers have simply become patent trolls individually thanks to the almost guaranteed or not-so-guaranteed depending on how you look at it payout, especially if you wind up in an East Texas court room. These companies could care less about the patents themselves or the products that could be made from them. Instead, they are simply after the money that they stand to earn by settling a lawsuit out of court.

With such a lenient court system or maybe not when looking further into it, iis it a surprise that Tyler and East Texas houses plenty of patent trolls and has for the last decade or so. Sadly, the companies that have to defend themselves from patent trolls stand to lose the most during a court case. For this reason, these companies instead settle outside of court with the patent troll. In many cases, this was all the patent troll wanted.

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