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by admin on September 30, 2010

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Dallas CowboysNow that fall is in full swing, (thank God it’s finally cooling off), so is the public’s demand for more football. It is now possible to watch a live action football game nearly every night of the week. How? Well, the newly formed United Football league (UFL) is now being televised on the new sports network called Versus. The league is made up of five teams who will evidently play each other several times a season ending in November. As far as I can figure, the original plan was for the new league to be a sort of minor league from which the NFL can draw talent. The only problem is the UFL is currently composed of NFL has beens and almost weres like Dante Culpepper, Jeff Garcia, Denny Green and others. If this league wants to find a niche as a funnel for football talent they’re going to have to pick younger players and develop them into NFL ready candidates. Versus televises the UFL games on Thursday nights.

In the meantime the NFL Network is now carrying the occasional Canadian Football League (CFL) game, starting this season. The contract issues have finally been ironed out so that the CFL can make at least a once a week appearance starting back in July, and ending with the season closer in early November. Friday night’s game will feature Montreal vs. Calgary. Of course Saturday belongs to NCAA football and Sunday and Monday to the NFL. All this makes for two nights off (Tuesday and Wednesday) for the Football addict. It should be mentioned, all this stepping up of alternatives makes me wonder if the networks are hedging their bets against the possibility of a player’s walk out of the NFL next season.

I should also remind area readers that with the Texas Rangers heading into the playoffs having had arguably one of their greatest seasons ever, this is not the year or the month to tune out post- season baseball! So these are my two closing words of caution: Remember the boys of summer this fall, and be careful not to over- dose on football. There are too many good seasons yet to come, to waste one’s passion on cheap thrills.

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