McDonalds Wedding

by admin on October 19, 2010

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McDonalds Wedding Tyler TX

McDonalds Wedding Tyler TX

If you are tying to find a great wedding idea that is cheap, you may want to consider the new Hong Kong trend and throw your wedding at a local McDonalds. I am not kidding when I say that this has become a Chinese trend. The weddings have become a real McDonalds’ experience with balloon dresses, apple pie tower for a wedding cake, and a toast with soft drinks (since alcohol is not allowed since they still want the family friendly atmosphere).

I am pretty traditional when it comes to weddings so I think that this is pretty crazy idea, but “to each his own”. Hopefully the McDonalds in Hong Kong are cleaner than the ones in Tyler and do not smells so much like dirty feet and bad body deodorant. I would not understand why someone would want their wedding at a fast food restaurant, but I guess the catering would be easy and who expects good catering at a wedding anyway? Especially that they do not allow the wedding party to rent out the whole store.

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I guess that this would be a really cheap way of having a wedding. Why spent hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on a wedding dress when you can just get one made from colorful balloons? I mean when are you going to wear it again anyway? McDonalds has become more than just a place for birthday parties. Weddings, anniversary parties, and vowel renewal ceremonies have been thrown at the fast food restaurants in China. China has had some really great ideas in the past and some crazy ones, I think that this idea is going to go on the list of crazy ideas.

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