Are Balance Bracelets like I Renew and Power Balance Scams?

by admin on November 5, 2010

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Hologram Bracelet Scams

Can a Rubber Band Do the same as a Balance Bracelet?

A buddy of mine was telling me about this thing called Cie Aura that has some type of radio frequency hologram device that is supposed to balance the body. It turns out there are a lot of these retarded snake oil healing bracelets out there.

If you are a believer I am sorry I called you retarded but don’t let a blog offend, that’s super sensitive! Geez!

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I had heard of the IRenew Bracelet, the Power Balance Bracelet, and the Pure Energy Band but this was now a new one I hadn’t yet heard of before. I chalked them all up to being the same scam.

I looked on the internet and found several more of these bracelets going by different names.

What immediately struck me was how many sports stars and NFL athletes were endorsing these things.

Supposed really influential people and sports role models are convinced and sold on these things and it simply shocks the heck out of me.

The balance bracelets are supposed to emit a frequency that is attuned to the body. If you go to a state fair they will perform carnival style tricks to convince you the technology in the bracelet really does balance the body.

As has been repeated before there is nothing new under the sun. Yes new inventions are made but general philosophies and ways of convincing people about false things still happens as it has for thousands of years.

If you do your research and look for things on the internet about “Applied Kinesiology” you will see that many scientists have debunked this long ago.

The idea that the body responds to worn items, things ingested, or holding things has been around for ever. People pay mega bucks to believe these things because it appeals to a strong desire in human nature.

In regards to balance bracelets the feeling it evokes in people is health and the fountain of youth.

No matter how old you get a desire to remain in peak physical condition will always be something everyone wishes for and most want a push button effort to get there.

I Renew Bracelet Scam

Can a Livestrong Bracelet do the same thing an IRenew Bracelet can?

The power balance bracelet idea meets the push button need for instant balance which for many equals instant physical stability, agility, and performance. The added promise of less headaches and arthritis some who sell this claim offers even more push button health benefits.

Many of these people would laugh and joke about a TV evangelist or tent revivalist who prophesied over someone that they had diabetes and would now be healed simply by him laying hands on them.

As an added note these TV evangelist get their information from cards filled out by the elderly prior to a crusade who quickly forget they just handed over the same information he prophesied over them about.

In an MLM many of the people selling the products are believers in the product. The sales people go to enough meetings and learn the parlor tricks to convince others without ever seeing that it is a scam.

The same people at state fairs doing the tricks and gimmicks to convince others believe in the product themselves. They don’t even see that were themselves taught a trick to than trick others.

This pawn effect brings in many new converts to the power balance bracelet craze and there is simply no end in site for this thing.

A company by the name of Lifewave was exposed on WorldWideScam for selling hologram stickers and claims were not just made that it offered health benefits to your body but could improve a cars gas mileage.

I have seen news people on TV wearing these superstitious bracelets which leads me to believe that my theory is correct that many of these news people are guided more by their feelings than by the facts.

While I was at the fair in east Texas this guy put one of these bracelets in my hand. The one he used was called the Pure Energy Band. The claim was made that it had more frequencies in the bracelet than many of the other bracelets.

He asked me to hold my hands out on each side and stretch my body as far as I could to one side.

He then marked how far I had stretched to one side. After this stretch he put the bracelet on me. I did the stretch again and was able to stretch quite a bit further.

The problem here is that without the bracelet I tested this later at home. When you do this stretch you are always to go much further on the second attempt.

This is simply the power of stretching ones body and then doing it again a second time.

In reality the body continually learns and adjusts on each attempt at doing the same thing over again. Try this out you will see that those parlor tricks work even without having a balance bracelet in your hand.

This same test was done without the bracelet with some of my friends and they were able to go further the 2nd time without owning one of these bracelets.

There is another test the guy at the fair did and it involved me standing on one of my feet as he pushed down on an arm.

I lost my balance the first time around. He had me hold the bracelet and he did the same test again. This time I maintained my balance. The problem with this is when I got home and tested this theory out with my wife I didn’t have the bracelet. On the second attempt having my wife perform the test I experienced the same good balance as I did with the bracelet.

The body simply learns and balances better each consecutive time you do it. There is no special trick or science behind wearing a bracelet with frequencies.

When I pointed out to my friend who has a brother who works for one of these scam bracelet companies that it was fraud and showed her all the evidence she still wouldn’t admit to it being a scam.

All that is going on here is a placebo effect. Someone could be wearing a Livestrong bracelet, a rubber band, or broken condom on their wrist and get the same results. These people will not admit to being scammed because they would look like stupid retards.

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B. A. Pricer, Ph.D. November 27, 2010 at 4:06 pm

As a Psychologist, for over 20 years, and a Retired Sheriff's Narcotics Detective in California, I am naturally skeptical. But, I am a believer in holistic medicine and believe that our society is over-drugged by so called professionals, especially our youth and elderly.
I have been on numerous websites, reading comments on the irenew bracelet, and found that, anyone agreeing that it works, is chastised and accused of being a plant from irenew. I am personally offended by the outrageous shipping costs of irenew, but that was not my point of research. If you want to know who has the plants, think about who has the most to lose by holistic medicine's success?
The Pharmaceuticals Industry is a primary moving force in this country, both politically and monetarily, and they have no plans to lose their power. Neither do the Politicians! No product is too small for them to attack, debunk, discredit or lie about.
I am not a fan of "irenew's" aggressive sales policies and attitudes, but, I personally experience and utilize any product that interests me, and all I have to say is, "It works for me"!
Dr. B


Ms. COMEONNOW January 2, 2011 at 11:39 am

When people stop believing in such scams as being true, perhaps they'll find by doing some real research, the point that nothing worn will affect ones' balance, except a prosthesis, is a valid point.



Ms. COMEONNOW January 2, 2011 at 11:42 am

fakery…always makes a buck or two for the fakir.


Dan Dzina March 27, 2012 at 1:27 pm

After finding this a a bunch of other evidence of the scam perpetrated by CieAura, Lifewave, Harmonic FM, etc I created a website just to keep all the evidence in one place:


tylerdirectory April 3, 2012 at 3:05 pm

Thank you Dan, for mentioning us on your balance bracelet debunking blog.


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